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VW Golf gearbox repair

VW Golf Gearbox Repair

This week seems to have been Volkswagen Golf week at the Stephens Engineering workshop as we have been busy with a number of  VW Golf gearbox repair for our customers.

Most of the VW Golf later models have the six or seven speed automatic transmission with a direct sequential/shift gearbox. The VW Golf DSG automatic transmission unit is an exceptional gearbox set, providing the driver with an impressive speed of gear change which is almost instantaneous, similar to a Formula 1 race car. The functionality and performance of the VW Golf DSG automatic transmission gearbox is particularly impressive and in no small part due to Golf automatic transmission unit selecting the next gear in advance of the driver’s change of gear.

The VW Golf with the DSG gearbox utilises a manual gearbox which has been adapted for fast gear shifting by computer and incorporating a dual clutch. A few years ago, parts for the Golf DSG transmission were difficult to source and obtain, requiring the replacement of the complete transmission unit. At the Stephens Engineering workshop, VW Golf gearbox repair is now feasible without having to change the whole transmission unit as virtually all the component parts are now available. In addition, within our specialist machine room, specialist parts can be manufactured.

To repair the VW Golf DSG transmission unit requires care and specialist knowledge of the VW DSG transmission unit and also the ability to programme these later VW Golf models. Stephens Engineering have over 50 years experience in the repair of automatic transmission units and have many years experience carrying out VW Golf gearbox repair within their specialist workshop.

With the team at Stephens Engineering, you can buy a VW Golf, secure in the knowledge that your Golf will be repaired by Stephens Engineering by automatic transmission experts as economically as possible.

For VW Golf gearbox repair choose Stephens Engineering, the Ware automatic transmission repair specialists.

2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair

2003 CLK Mercedes Gearbox Repair

In the Ware workshop of automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, a 2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair was recently undertaken.

The 2003 Mercedes CLK was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop with a complaint that the Mercedes CLK had no drive when hot, with reports of a high pitched whine. The Mercedes CLK Class models are susceptible to suffering from water ingress and therefore, a glycol test was carried to ascertain whether water was present within the transmission unit of the Mercedes CLK. The glycol test confirmed the Mercedes CLK radiator had failed by letting glycol and water seep into the transmission unit. When a failure of this type occurs within the Mercedes CLK transmission, all of the components and the torque converter must be replaced.

To achieve the 2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair, a new radiator can be fitted to the vehicle. To prevent a re-occurrence of this type of Mercedes transmission failure, a retro separate cooler can be fitted. Prior to refitting the Mercedes CLK transmission, the circuit board was also changed and part of the valve body was updated.

The 2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair was tested with a ten mile run during which the 2003 Mercedes CLK now performed as new.


Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

The Ware automatic gearbox specialists, Stephens Engineering, recently carried out 2006 Volvo XC90 gearbox repair.

The 2006 Volvo XC90 is a popular four wheel drive automatic and unlike the earlier XC90 vehicles, the 2006 Volvo XC90 has a six speed gearbox. Pre-2006 the Volvo XC90 had a 5 speed gearbox. The 2006 Volvo XC90 gearbox repair was needed as the 2006 XC90 had lost third gear and was slipping through the other forward gears.  The Volvo XC90 was ready for a complete overhaul in the Stephens Engineering workshop as the Volvo had covered a hundred and ten thousand miles. The Volvo XC90 5 speed gearbox and the Volvo XC90 6 speed gearbox are both a very reliable automatic transmission unit.

To carry out the 2006 Volvo XC90 gearbox repair in the Stephens workshop, the Volvo transmission and transfer box was removed and the Volvo XC90 automatic gearbox was dismantled.  All the components within the Volvo’s transmission unit were checked as a result of the vehicle’s mileage and all the clutches and sub-units were replaced.  Both the 2006 Volvo XC90 and the earlier Volvo XC90 5 speed gearbox can suffer from leaks and solenoid failure and so a new valve body assembly was fitted to the 2006 XC90. When either Volvo XC90 model is brought into the workshop, we always fit a new valve body assembly to avoid further damage caused by leaks and failure of the solenoids.  The Volvo XC90 gearboxes work very hard and therefore, the specialist automatic transmission technicians at Stephens Engineering want to ensure the gearbox problems are fully rectified prior to installation.  Prior to the installation of the Volvo XC90 automatic gearbox, the Volvo gearbox oil cooler is hot flushed, for efficient and effective cleaning and finally, the Volvo XC90 torque converter was replaced.

Software updates for the 2006 XC90 were checked and to check the 2006 Volvo XC90 gearbox repair had been carried out successfully, the Volvo XC90 underwent a ten mile run with final checks which confirmed the XC90 gearbox repair had been successful and the Volvo automatic transmission was running well.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Chrysler Grand Voyager Gearbox Repair

The Ware based automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, recently carried out a Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair.

The Chrysler Grand Voyagers was brought into the workshop with complaints from the owner that the Chrysler was “rough” on the gearbox downshifts and a futher complaint that the Grand Voyager was “noisy” in all forward gears.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager was brought into the workshop and the vehicle was scanned for error codes using our state of the art diagnostic equipment. The Chrysler recorded no transmission fault codes during the scan.  As a result, the Chrysler Grand Voyager transmission was removed and dismantled. On thorough examination in the Stephens Engineering workshop, it was obvious to the experienced automatic transmission specialists that the Chrysler gearbox had previously been overhauled before but crucially, several items had been missed during the earlier Chrysler gearbox overhaul.  The examination of the dismantled Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox revealed two important gearbox bearings were badly pitted and a gear set spline was 90% worn through.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager is a six speed automatic and tolerances are fairly critical.  The Chrysler Grand Voyager transmission unit was thoroughly overhauled in the Stephens Engineering workshop and worn and pitted gearbox bearings were placed, as was the worn gear set spline. In addition to fitting the new gearbox parts, new clutches were also fitted and finally, new seals and solenoids were fitted to the Chrysler gearbox.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager transmission was re-installed and adaptions re-set and the Grand Voyager was subjected to a long road test proved all was well again and the Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair had been been successful.

If you need a Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair, contact the transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, the automatic gearbox experts.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

2012 Nissan Micra Gearbox Repair

The automatic gearbox repair specialists at Stephens Engineering carried out a 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair in the workshop.

The 2012 Nissan Micra was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop, the Nissan Micra had lost drive completely. The first thing to do before the 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair could be completed was for the transmission unit to be removed and dismantled. Inspection of the Nissan Micra transmission revealed that the inside of the Nissan Micra transmission was  contaminated with a mixture of automatic fluid and antifreeze.  The transmission contamination was traced to the gearbox oil cooler which in the Nissan Micra is located at the bottom of the radiator and when the transmission becomes hot, the solution turns to steam.

For a vehicle gearbox, this is the worst type of transmission contamination as it attacks the bonding of the friction plates in both the gearbox and also the torque converter.  All the damaged and marked components were replaced, the friction plates and solenoids were marked and damaged and subsequently replaced.  The Nissan Micra transmission was re-fitted, complete with a new radiator.  To ensure all contaminants were removed from the transmission unit, all cooler pipes were flushed through with hot fluid.

The Nissan Micra four speed transmission is quite a strong transmission unit however the Micra gearbox function had been compromised by the water. The Nissan Micra underwent a long road test and all was well, confirming that the 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair had been successful. In addition, to ensure that the last traces of moisture had been removed, we confirmed to the customer that we would change the fluid after a thousand miles.

For a 2012 Nissan Micra gearbox repair, contact the gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Jaguar S Type Gearbox Repair

At Stephens Engineering, we have over 50 years experience of dealing with automatic gearbox problems and the automatic gearbox experts at Stephens Engineering recently carried out a Jaguar S type gearbox repair.

Our customer was happy to report that after the Jaguar S type gearbox repair that the Jaguar was now running and performing like new.

If your Jaguar S type is suffering from gearbox problems, call the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering. We offer clear and informative advice and will keep you advised as to what work has been undertaken and what work needs to be undertaken to your automatic transmission; we’ll keep you updated throughout your automatic gearbox repair.

For the automatic transmission team at Stephens Engineering, it’s a matter of professional pride to restore the function and performance of your automatic gearbox. It’s gratifying to receive the following comments from one of our customers, “I can not recommend Stephens Engineering and staff highly enough. If you want your auto box dealt with by knowledgeable, friendly and professional people, go to Stephens Engineering.”

If you need a Jaguar S type gearbox repair, contact the automatic gearbox specialists in Ware to book your vehicle in for specialist attention at Stephens Engineering. With over 50 years of automatic gearbox experience, you know you’re in safe and experienced hands when you bring your car to Stephens Engineering.





2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

Automatic Gearbox Repairs in Ware

Stephens Engineering are celebrating their 50th year of automatic gearbox repairs in Ware this year. Stephens Engineering was established in 1968 by Bill Stephens and Bill remains the owner and working proprietor within the workshop.

The automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, have a wealth of experience gained over 50 years in carrying out automatic gearbox repairs since 1968. Our many years of experience in automatic gearbox repair and fault finding makes Stephens Engineering the automatic choice for automatic transmission fault finding.

Since 1968, we have seen a simply amazing evolution of the automatic gearbox and at Stephens Engineering, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of automatic transmission repair. In our specialist workshop, we repair and rebuild automatic gearboxes. The experienced automatic gearbox repair team work to maintain and repair classic vehicle automatic transmissions. With our wealth of gearbox repair experience, we fault find and repair automatic gearboxes for all makes of motor vehicle from the modern 7 speed automatic gearbox to dual clutch transmissions. Within our specialist automatic gearbox repair workshop, we also are able to manufacture bespoke, precision parts for a complete automatic gearbox repair.

You can rely on our knowledge and experience to keep your vehicle’s automatic gearbox running smoothly. With 50 years experience of automatic gearbox repairs, Stephens Engineering are the automatic choice for your gearbox repair.


2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

Nissan Juke Gearbox Repair

A Nissan Juke gearbox repair was carried out in the Stephens Engineering workshop recently.

The Nissan Juke was brought into the workshop for repair and had been recovered into our workshop as result of several automatic transmission problems affecting the Nissan Juke.

The owner of the Nissan Juke reported that there was a whine and some judder when taking off and that these faults were usually followed by the Nissan Juke stalling.

To begin the Nissan Juke gearbox repair, we removed the Nissan Juke automatic gearbox and stripped the automatic transmission down to undertake a complete inspection of the Nissan Juke gearbox.

At Stephens Engineering, we are automatic transmission experts and our experience of the Nissan Juke automatic transmission and the Nissan  Qashqai automatic transmissions has found that both the Juke and Qashqai automatic transmission units suffer from lack of lubrication and bush wear. With our automatic gearbox knowledge and expertise, at Stephens Engineering in Ware, we are skilled in carrying out several modifications to improve these failures of the Nissan automatic transmission unit. Once the gearbox repairs to the Nissan Juke had been carried out, we set the transmission to run on our dyno tester to monitor noise and performance of the Nissan Juke automatic transmission which in our experience will give the transmission unit a longer life. When an automatic  transmission is refitted, it is important to make sure that the all adaptions carried out to the vehicle, are re-set.

After road testing the vehicle, the Nissan Juke gearbox repair was completed and the vehicle returned to it’s owner.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Mercedes B Class Automatic Transmission Repair Testimonial

The automatic transmission experts in the Stephens Engineering workshop recently carried out a Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair. At Stephens Engineering, we have over 40 years experience in working on and repairing automatic gearboxes and we can justifiably call ourselves automatic transmission repair specialists. We were approached by the owner of the Mercedes B Class after his local garage had diagnosed a fault with the Mercedes B class CVT automatic transmission. We were contacted by the customer when local garages were unable to carry out the Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair. The B Class Mercedes was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop and here is what our customer had to say after the Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair was carried out by Stephens Engineering:

“My B class Mercedes had just completed fifty four thousand miles when it developed a fault with the CVT automatic transmission which was diagnosed by my local garage here in Devon as having a broken drive belt.

 After numerous phone calls it seemed impossible to get this repair done in the West Country. Searching further afield I found Stephens Engineering in Ware who were very knowledgeable and couldn’t have been more helpful.  They carried a perfect repair on the gearbox and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend Stephens engineering highly enough. A remarkable stroke of luck to have found them.”

Is your local garage struggling to repair your automatic transmission? Contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering and let the experts in automatic transmission repairs get you and vehicle motoring.

Read testimonials from our customers.

mini cooper gearbox repair

Mini Cooper Gearbox Repair

A Mini Cooper gearbox repair was recently carried out by Ware automatic gearbox repair specialists at Stephens Engineering.

The 2003 Mini Cooper was brought into the workshop with a complaint that the Mini Cooper had a very noisy transmission and also, there was a delay in engaging the forward gears. The 2003 Mini Cooper has a C.V.T. which is a constantly variable transmission.

In our experience, the Mini Cooper CVT transmission works extremely hard and the bearings and drum are often found to wear considerably as a result of the drive belt tension. With the Mini Cooper CVT transmission unit, as it wears over time, the Mini gearbox requires careful inspection of all moving parts with the CVT transmission unit.  When we remove and dismantle the Mini Cooper automatic transmission, we often find that it is necessary to replace most of the  moving parts due to the work of this little unit.

Common problems with the Mini Cooper CVT transmission are wear and failure of the drums, the drive chain and all bearings within the Mini Cooper gearbox, as was the case with this 2003 Mini Cooper gearbox repair.

The Mini Cooper gearbox was refitted, after re-assembly and replacement of the worn drums, drive chain and bearings.

To ensure smooth running of the repaired Mini Cooper gearbox, it is crucial to set the vehicle adaptations to its control unit and finally a long road test allows the vehicle to finish its relearning procedure and confirmed that the Mini Cooper gearbox repair had been completed successfully and the vehicle was running smoothly again.

Does your Mini Cooper have a noisy transmission? Are you experiencing a delay in your Mini Cooper engaging forward gears? Book your Mini Cooper into Stephens Engineering, the automatic transmission specialists in Ware and return to smooth motoring.