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Automatic Transmission Rising Revs Repair

Automatic Transmission Rising Revs Repair

An indication of an automatic gearbox pre-failure problem is the experience of automatic transmission ‘rising revs’ when shifting gear. Stephens Engineering in Ware are automatic gearbox repair specialists and regularly carry out automatic transmission rising revs repair within the workshop. With over 50 years of experience and knowledge repairing and servicing automatic transmissions, we can recognise and repair common automatic gearbox problems before they cause automatic gearboxes to fail resulting in costly gearbox repairs.

An engine flare up is a sudden increase in engine speed that does not affect the power output, experienced when shifting gear. A flare up can be an indication of a potential problem in the automatic transmission. A fault code may not be triggered for flare ups between gear changes. Flare ups often occur in the lower gear range and also in vehicles with lock up torque converters. Flare ups when changing gear can indicate a number of potential issues. When the flare up is only on one gear change, this can be a shift valve or the clutch application that is responsible for the ratio change. When there is a flare in a single gear change, the automatic gearbox will need to be overhauled to ascertain the cause and prevent further damage and deterioration. A flare up after the last gear change could indicate an issue with the clutch inside the torque converter. The clutches are applied progressively inside the torque converter. One of the biggest issues that causes problems with the torque converter clutches is water contamination from a faulty radiator or inter cooler. Water contamination damages the gearbox by attacking the bonding on the clutch linings. As the lining peel away from the steel back plates, it can result in a feeling of driving over a cattle grid.

We can repair the niggling gear change problems to prevent an expensive gearbox failure. For thorough and knowledgeable automatic gearbox repair, contact the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering. Prevent the failure of your automatic gearbox with Stephens Engineering automatic transmission rising revs repair.


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