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Automatic Transmission Diagnostics

At Stephens Engineering, we understand the importance of specialist automatic transmission diagnostics. Stephens Engineering have the knowledge and experience to accurately read the diagnostic data and have the dealership codes for virtually every make and model of motor vehicle with live diagnostic data and the experience to accurately interpret the data.

Accurate and timely interpretation of the automatic transmission data can quickly pinpoint an issue within the gearbox and also rule out any other suspected problems. The automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering understand how the communication of the shared information between your vehicle’s engine, automatic gearbox, ABS and main systems within your car are impacted in driveability problems. In some case, even a bulb or a faulty solenoid can cause the automatic transmission to go into fail-safe mode.

We have an extensive amount of original equipment testers. In addition, it is important to do global scans to make sure no other component is effecting driveability. To ensure a complete and thorough automatic transmission diagnostic has been carried out, at Stephens Engineering, we go much deeper now than just reading codes.

For a seamless service, we carry out a full automatic transmission diagnosis to diagnosis the source of the issue and also after the completion of the works upon your engine. For optimum performance, we also carry out a relearn process, ensuring adaptions have the correct factory settings and installing new upgrades.

Inaccurate and poor diagnostics are costly and damaging to your vehicle. Book your vehicle into Stephens Engineering, the automatic transmission specialists.

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