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Stephens Engineering are experienced automatic gearbox repairers in Ware.

With over 50 years experience, our technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose common automatic gearbox faults. In addition, our technicians are highly skilled in reading diagnostic data from your vehicle. With the dealership codes for almost every make and model of motor vehicle, Stephens Engineering accurately interpret the live diagnostic date for effective gearbox repairs.

The knowledgeable team in the Stephens Engineering workshop after pin pointing the issue within your automatic gearbox have the specialist experience to rule out other suspected gearbox issues. Our specialist team do far more than just read the codes and can spot potential concerns for your gearbox.

After completing the gearbox repair, we undertake a relearn process, checking that the adaptions have the correct factory setting, plus the installation of new upgrades for optimised performance.

Don’t let poor and inaccurate diagnostics damage your vehicle. Book your vehicle into Stephens Engineering, the automatic gearbox repair specialists.


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