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mercedes sprinter gearbox repair

Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

Recently in the Stephens Engineering workshop a Mercedes Sprinter gearbox repair was carried out by the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering. One of the most common Mercedes Sprinter gearbox faults is failure of the Mercedes Sprinter torque converter within the vehicle’s automatic transmission unit. A Mercedes Sprinter gearbox repair is generally required as a result of the hard work and use undertaken by  the Mercedes Sprinter van.

Due to the hard work the Mercedes Sprinter transmission is put through, the internal bearing of the Mercedes Sprinter automatic transmission start to break up. An early diagnostic of worn and breaking up internal bearing means a timely Mercedes Sprinter gearbox repair can be carried out. When repairs are undertaken to the Sprinter van’s gearbox during the early stages of the the internal bearing failure, the Mercedes Sprinter gearbox itself, is usually not affected.

The first signs to be aware of that a Mercedes Sprinter gearbox repair is needed are a judder on light throttle and judder or stalling on coming to a stop. You can prevent significant damage to your Mercedes Sprinter gearbox by being aware of the early warning symptoms that the Sprinter gearbox torque converter may be about to fail through damaged bearings and bring your Sprinter van to the Stephens Engineering workshop. At Stephens Engineering, we have our own specialist converter shop and we carry out modifications to strengthen these faults as well as improving the lock-up operation of the gearbox.

At Stephens Engineering, you know your vehicle is receiving specialist attention from the automatic transmission experts in Ware, contact us to book your vehicle in with Stephens Engineering.

mercedes gearbox repair

Mercedes Gearbox Repair

Mercedes Gearbox Repair

We carried out a Mercedes gearbox repair to a Mercedes ambulance vehicle for the St John’s Ambulance. We gave this emergency vehicle priority. The Mercedes gearbox repair was needed as this emergency vehicle had hardly any drive. The Mercedes was brought into the workshop and by lunchtime, the automatic transmission had been removed. When the Mercedes transmission was inspected, we found that it was completely worn out due to the heavy hard work it had undertaken in it’s service with the St John’s Ambulance.

The Mercedes automatic transmission was overhauled and refitted, the Mercedes was still very under powered on the road test and so we carried out further checks to the engine of the Mercedes. The further checks revealed that the Mercedes exhaust diesel particulate filter unit was severely blocked. We removed the Mercedes exhaust diesel particulate filter unit and this was sent to a local specialist to be re-furbished. Once the unit had been re-furbished, we refitted the exhaust diesel particulate filter unit and all the fault codes cleared. A second road was carried out and Mercedes gearbox repair was successful as the vehicle was running well and ready to get back into service.

Stephens Engineering are automatic transmission specialists, if your Mercedes has a transmission problem contact Stephens Engineering to book into your vehicle.


automatic gearbox repairs

Mercedes 500 CL Gearbox Repair

Mercedes 500 CL Gearbox Repair

A Mercedes 500 CL was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop, the problem was that the Mercedes 500 CL was making a loud whine when in the lower gears.  Our diagnostic testing for this vehicle involved running the vehicle on the lift and this confirmed that the automatic transmission was the problem. The Mercedes 500 CL gearbox repair commenced with the automatic transmission being removed and stripped down for a thorough inspection.

On inspection, we found the planetary gear set had worn through the spacer washers and into the casing.  In our experience, this can sometimes be a problem if the vehicle mainly does short runs out. We would usually fit new bearing thrusts, however, as the Mercedes’ planetary gear set had worn through the planet casing, the complete assembly was replaced, together with a complete overhaul of the automatic gearbox. We up rated the torque converter with new components. After refitting the automatic transmission and torque converter, the vehicle was ready for a test drive. As always, the Mercedes 500 CL was given a long run and we ran a series of final checks which all confirmed that the Mercedes 500 CL gearbox repair had been successful and that the vehicle was running well.

If your Mercedes 500 CL is making a loud whine when running through the lower gears, the planetary gear set could be worn, prevent further possible damage to your automatic transmission and engine, bring your vehicle to the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering.

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