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Automatic Gearbox Repairs – Stephens Engineering

With over 50 years experience of automatic gearbox repairs, Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox repair specialists with experience and knowledge fault finding on the three main types of automatic gearbox in use in today’s modern vehicles.

Experienced fault finding and repairs to fully automatic gearboxes from fully automatic five, six and seven speeds and the eight and nine speed automatic gearbox.

Many modern cars now have a dual clutch gearbox which is also known as a power shift transmission which does not use a torque converter.

The CVT or constantly variable transmission is also another popular automatic gearbox.

With years of knowledge and expertise, the automatic gearbox technicians in the Stephens Engineering workshop repair and rebuild automatic gearboxes from fully automatic to the dual clutch and CVT.

Stephens Engineering also manufacture bespoke parts to replace worn automatic gearbox components, crafted in our workshop to fit your gearbox for a smoother more efficient performance.

For an automatic gearbox repair that your vehicle would choose, book in with the Ware automatic gearbox specialists, Stephens Engineering.


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