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Mercedes B Class Gearbox Repair

Mercedes B Class Gearbox Repair by Stephens Engineering

The automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering have carried out a Mercedes B Class gearbox repair. The 2009 Mercedes B Class brought in to our Ware workshop, had an automatic transmission fault. One of the common reasons for automatic transmission problems with both Mercedes A Class and Mercedes B Class which have a CVT (continuous variable transmission), is usually caused by an electrical problem.

The control unit for this particular gearbox in the Mercedes B Class is located within the sump and as a result, it is subjected to extreme temperature changes. In addition, small particles of metal can also lead to the control unit being confused. To rectify the fault to the Mercedes B Class gearbox, we replaced the transmission control unit. The transmission control unit of the Mercedes B Class was programmed and reset. The Mercedes B Class gearbox repair was completed with a change of the transmission fluid and filter.

At Stephens Engineering we have many years of experience in dealing with automatic transmission fault finding and repairs, if your vehicle has an automatic transmission fault,  book your vehicle in with Stephens Engineering automatic transmission experts. Contact us today to book in your vehicle with the knowledgeable experts at Stephens Engineering.

mercedes gearbox repair

Mercedes Gearbox Repair

Mercedes Gearbox Repair

We carried out a Mercedes gearbox repair to a Mercedes ambulance vehicle for the St John’s Ambulance. We gave this emergency vehicle priority. The Mercedes gearbox repair was needed as this emergency vehicle had hardly any drive. The Mercedes was brought into the workshop and by lunchtime, the automatic transmission had been removed. When the Mercedes transmission was inspected, we found that it was completely worn out due to the heavy hard work it had undertaken in it’s service with the St John’s Ambulance.

The Mercedes automatic transmission was overhauled and refitted, the Mercedes was still very under powered on the road test and so we carried out further checks to the engine of the Mercedes. The further checks revealed that the Mercedes exhaust diesel particulate filter unit was severely blocked. We removed the Mercedes exhaust diesel particulate filter unit and this was sent to a local specialist to be re-furbished. Once the unit had been re-furbished, we refitted the exhaust diesel particulate filter unit and all the fault codes cleared. A second road was carried out and Mercedes gearbox repair was successful as the vehicle was running well and ready to get back into service.

Stephens Engineering are automatic transmission specialists, if your Mercedes has a transmission problem contact Stephens Engineering to book into your vehicle.


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Mercedes “C” Class Automatic Transmission Fault

Mercedes “C” Class Automatic Transmission Fault Finding at Stephens Engineering

Another vehicle which required the specialist attention of the Stephens Engineering experts was a 2007 Mercedes “C” class.  When this Mercedes vehicle was brought into our workshop, it it had a fault with it’s automatic transmission and was locked in second gear.  A thorough diagnostic scan to the Mercedes automatic transmission unit was carried out by our highly skilled and professional team and the diagnostic scan to the Mercedes  confirmed that the transmission control unit on the vehicle was faulty. On the 2007 Mercedes “C” Class, when the gearbox sump and filter are removed, the gearbox’s valve body which can be removed.  The gearbox sump and filter were removed so that a Mercedes replacement part could be fitted to the vehicle’s automatic gearbox. Once the new part had been fitted to the automatic transmission, it was programmed.  We then checked the transmission fill times for the Mercedes “C” Class and a final road test confirmed all was now well with the vehicle’s automatic transmission.

We are the automatic transmission specialists and use our expertise to fault find and repair your vehicle’s automatic transmission faults. A

Contact us to arrange booking in your vehicle in with Stephens Engineering for an automatic transmission repair.

Stephens Engineering Repairs to a Mercedes Automatic Gearbox

Stephens Engineering Repairs to a Mercedes Automatic Gearbox

At Stephens Engineering, you will always find knowledgeable, expert mechanics with the experience to work on your automatic transmission and gearbox. With over fifty years experience, we have the expertise to rebuild the automatic gearbox on both stunning classic vehicles through to repairing the automatic transmission on current modern vehicles.

Just one of the many repairs we have recently undertaken was for a Mercedes automatic gearbox.

We have worked on a number of seven speed auto gearboxes in our workshops recently which all had wear issues within the automatic transmission. Gearbox and engine damage can occur through wear and tear of the gearbox parts; thrust bearings eat into the gear case which if not rectified can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s engine. To rectify this problem, we manufacture our own bronze replacement shims. Each of our bronze shims is bespoke manufactured to fit your gearbox. Drag and judder can sometimes be a problem and to ensure we eliminate any drag and judder, we also fit a performance kit to the torque converter. In our experience, because we manufacture the individual components for each individual vehicle, we often find that the transmission runs smoother because we don’t use ready made ‘off the peg’ components, we manufacture replacement parts within our workshops.

At Stephens Engineering, we not only manufacture bespoke, precision parts for your automatic gearbox, in addition, if during our thorough inspection, we discover any weaknesses within your gearbox, we will carry out the necessary modification work to update and modify your vehicle’s gearbox, giving your transmission exceptional service.

The expert mechanics at Stephens Engineering Don’t let wear and tear to your gearbox cause the catastrophic failure of your engine, let the expert mechanics at Stephens Engineering provide your transmission with our outstanding service.