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VW Golf gearbox repair

VW Golf Gearbox Repair

This week seems to have been Volkswagen Golf week at the Stephens Engineering workshop as we have been busy with a number of  VW Golf gearbox repair for our customers.

Most of the VW Golf later models have the six or seven speed automatic transmission with a direct sequential/shift gearbox. The VW Golf DSG automatic transmission unit is an exceptional gearbox set, providing the driver with an impressive speed of gear change which is almost instantaneous, similar to a Formula 1 race car. The functionality and performance of the VW Golf DSG automatic transmission gearbox is particularly impressive and in no small part due to Golf automatic transmission unit selecting the next gear in advance of the driver’s change of gear.

The VW Golf with the DSG gearbox utilises a manual gearbox which has been adapted for fast gear shifting by computer and incorporating a dual clutch. A few years ago, parts for the Golf DSG transmission were difficult to source and obtain, requiring the replacement of the complete transmission unit. At the Stephens Engineering workshop, VW Golf gearbox repair is now feasible without having to change the whole transmission unit as virtually all the component parts are now available. In addition, within our specialist machine room, specialist parts can be manufactured.

To repair the VW Golf DSG transmission unit requires care and specialist knowledge of the VW DSG transmission unit and also the ability to programme these later VW Golf models. Stephens Engineering have over 50 years experience in the repair of automatic transmission units and have many years experience carrying out VW Golf gearbox repair within their specialist workshop.

With the team at Stephens Engineering, you can buy a VW Golf, secure in the knowledge that your Golf will be repaired by Stephens Engineering by automatic transmission experts as economically as possible.

For VW Golf gearbox repair choose Stephens Engineering, the Ware automatic transmission repair specialists.

VW Golf gearbox repair

Volkswagen Polo Gearbox Repair

The Stephens Engineering team recently carried out a Volkswagen Polo gearbox repair. The 2013 Volkswagen Polo gearbox repair was undertaken in our specialist workshop after this Volkswagen Polo had broken down. The Volkswagen Polo owner was advised that the breakdown was the due to a fault with the Polo’s mechatronic unit.  This had broken down and the customer had been advised it was the mechatronic unit at fault.

Faults within the mechatronic unit are a common problem with Volkswagen vehicles fitted with a D.S.G. automatic gearbox. DSG automatic gearboxes are a combination of a manual transmission with a dual clutch and electronic control unit.

For Volkswagen vehicles with the DSG automatic gearbox, it is essential that prompt action is taken to quickly and accurately diagnose the fault to avoid possibly unnecessary and expensive vehicle repair costs.

Before the Volkswagen Polo gearbox repair started in the workshop, our expert gearbox technicians spent an hour retrieving all the Volkswagen Polo faults using the ODIS diagnostic tool which is the identical system used in main dealerships for VW, Audi, SEAT & Skoda.

The problem with this 2013 Volkswagen Polo DSG gear box was in fact a fault within the gearbox selection and not a problem with the Volkswagen mechatronic unit as initially thought when the Polo broke down. The Volkswagen Polo gearbox was removed and stripped as the ODIS diagnostic had diagnosed that the selectors were faulty. We replaced the Polo’s selectors and then the VW DSG gearbox was re-fitted.  In addition, we also carried a check on the Polo’s clutch whilst the gearbox had been removed and the clutch was noted to still be quite serviceable.

Finally, a complete re-learn procedure was carried out and to confirm that the fault had been correctly identified and repaired, a long road test was undertaken which confirmed all was well and that the Volkswagen Polo gearbox repair had been successful.

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