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VW Golf gearbox repair

Jaguar XF Gearbox Repair

Jaguar XF Gearbox Repair by Stephens Engineering

A 2012 Jaguar XF gearbox repair was carried out by the automatic transmission specialists in the Stephens Engineering workshop. The customer reported that when the Jaguar XF was driving at high speed and the engine was hot, the vehicle would default and go into limp mode.

This particular 2012 Jaguar XF was a diesel engine with the ZF six speed automatic transmission (later models have the eight speed unit). The Jaguar XF was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop and a full diagnostic scan was undertaken. The diagnostic scan revealed ratio codes of slippage in E-clutch assembly.

The Jaguar XF automatic transmission unit was then removed, together with the torque converter. On dismantling the Jaguar XF transmission unit, we found a crack in the E-clutch unit and in addition, the main bushings were not performing well and were letting fluid leak past their running shafts.

We carried out a full rebuild of the Jaguar’s automatic transmission unit and fitted a new drum assembly. The automatic transmission unit’s torque converter was rebuilt in-house by our team of specialists, using ZF parts. Finally, we changed the gearbox intercooler unit as these do tend to leak. The final road test confirmed that the Jaguar XF gearbox repair had been successful and the vehicle was now driving well and no longer defaulting to limp mode.

Is your vehicle defaulting to limp mode unexpectedly? If your vehicle isn’t performing as well as it should, book your vehicle in with automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering and let us get you back motoring.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Repair – A Week in the Workshop

Gearbox Repair – A Week in the Workshop

At Stephens Engineering, we’re known for our knowledge and expertise in fault finding and the carrying out of  automatic gearbox repair. Our knowledge and experience gives us the edge; we have worked on most automatic transmission units and over the years, we have rectified a wide range of faults and problems.

We often see vehicles being brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop and our customers report a problem with the gearbox and more often than not, they’re right, however, there are occasions when a customer experiences problems with their car and believes it to be transmission related and our experience tells us that this possibly is not the case. With our automatic gearbox fault finding experience, we’re able to recognise faults that appear to be gearbox problems but are not the result of a gearbox fault. A good example of this scenario is the Bentley recently brought into the workshop with a transmission fault and a vehicle owner considering a new automatic transmission for their Bentley. Whilst there was certainly an issue with the performance of the Bentley, there was a particularly bad whine and vibration when the vehicle was under acceleration, our experience told us this was not a transmission issue. Examination of the transmission unit confirmed that the problem was, in fact, the gearbox and engine mounting.

Our customer could have been faced with an expensive repair bill to replace the complete transmission unit, however, with our knowledge and skill, we were able to find the true cause of the problem and get the vehicle back on the road quickly.

If you suspect your vehicle has a problem with it’s automatic transmission, book your car in to the Stephens Engineering workshop in Ware, the automatic transmission experts fault finding and repairing automatic transmissions for over 40 years.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Automatic Transmission Repairs – A week in the workshop

Automatic transmission repairs in Ware

As you’d expect from the automatic transmission experts in the Stephens Engineering workshop, it’s been another busy week and for us, it’s all about automatic transmission repairs. We’re sharing a small snapshot of some of the vehicles and their problems that we’ve seen this week.

2012 Vauxhall Insignia was brought in needing automatic transmission repairs. This Vauxhall Insignia  has a front wheel drive six speed automatic transmission and in the Vauxhall Insignia, this unit does seem to have issues after approximately seventy thousand miles. Harsh gear changes were noted and this Vauxhall was brought in just in time for us to repair and return to smooth running.

2011 Vauxhall Astra which had covered  32,000 miles was brought in with gear change problems and no reverse gear.  After a thorough diagnostic scan, solenoid codes were noted and on inspection, we found that the transmission unit had overheated and damaged the internal components. We carried out automatic transmission repairs, removing and dismantling the Astra’s transmission and fitting a replacement torque converter. After re-fitting the Vauxhall Astra automatic transmission, the vehicle was running well.

2008 BMW X5 with a z.f. six speed automatic transmission was brought in with a slip in both 5th and 6th gear, the diagnostic scan picked codes highlighting a problem with the E-clutch assembly. When the BMW X5 gearbox was removed and dismantled and the E-clutch was pressure tested to check for pressure loss. We replaced the E-clutch unit and rebuilt the transmission using the original z.f. components and after some thorough automatic transmission repairs, the gearbox was back to original performance.

For automatic transmission repairs, bring your vehicle to the automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering.

Contact us to enquire how the Stephens Engineering automatic transmission specialists can improve your motoring experience and your vehicle’s performance.

bentley gearbox repair

Mini Gear Box Problems

Mini Gear Box Problems Fixed

A mini was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop, the issue: mini gear box problems. We repaired the mini’s gearbox problem and the vehicle was back on the road and here is what the owner had to say about their experience of a gearbox repair at Stephens Engineering:

“Hi I haven’t got an enquiry just wanted to thank you for being so kind and fixing my mini gearbox. I Would highly recommend Stephensen’s Engineering for anyone with Mini gear box problems . We were treated very fairly and my car is running like new ! Thanks once again .”

Read more testimonials from our customers after their gearbox repairs.

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists, we have years of experience repairing automatic transmissions. Contact us to book your vehicle in with Stephens Engineering.


mercedes gearbox repair

Mercedes Gearbox Repair

Mercedes Gearbox Repair

We carried out a Mercedes gearbox repair to a Mercedes ambulance vehicle for the St John’s Ambulance. We gave this emergency vehicle priority. The Mercedes gearbox repair was needed as this emergency vehicle had hardly any drive. The Mercedes was brought into the workshop and by lunchtime, the automatic transmission had been removed. When the Mercedes transmission was inspected, we found that it was completely worn out due to the heavy hard work it had undertaken in it’s service with the St John’s Ambulance.

The Mercedes automatic transmission was overhauled and refitted, the Mercedes was still very under powered on the road test and so we carried out further checks to the engine of the Mercedes. The further checks revealed that the Mercedes exhaust diesel particulate filter unit was severely blocked. We removed the Mercedes exhaust diesel particulate filter unit and this was sent to a local specialist to be re-furbished. Once the unit had been re-furbished, we refitted the exhaust diesel particulate filter unit and all the fault codes cleared. A second road was carried out and Mercedes gearbox repair was successful as the vehicle was running well and ready to get back into service.

Stephens Engineering are automatic transmission specialists, if your Mercedes has a transmission problem contact Stephens Engineering to book into your vehicle.


Ford Focus Gearbox Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair – Satisfied Customers

 Automatic Transmission Repairs by Stephens Engineering

At Stephens Engineering, we care about our customers and their cars. Our fully trained and experienced mechanics are experts in automatic gearbox fault finding and automatic transmission repairs. Read our testimonials to see what one of our satisfied customers had to say about us and our service.

“I just wanted to say thankyou to all of you at Stephens Engineering for your skills, knowledge and service. Best 800 quid i have spent all year.

You avoided me having to scrap the car.

In the 26 years of being a car owner i have never felt so compelled to say thankyou.”

When a vehicle with a suspected automatic gearbox fault is brought in to our workshop, we carry out a detailed automatic transmission diagnostic. Our experience and knowledge enables us to repair your automatic transmission and we have the experience and knowledge to identify to causes and it is not always the transmission that it causing the problem. We carry out a long road test to check the fault has been rectified before your vehicle is handed back to you.

When you choose Stephens Engineering, you know your car is in safe and experienced hands.
Does your car have automatic transmission problems, is your vehicle not running as smoothly as you’d like? Book your car in to the Stephens Engineering workshop today.
2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

2011 Mercedes Sprinter Van Loss of Drive

2011 Mercedes Sprinter Van Loss of Drive

First job of the week was a 2011 Mercedes Sprinter van which required a complete transmission overhaul from the automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering. The Mercedes Sprinter van has a loss of drive after five miles. No fault codes were stores, so the Sprinter van was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop and the automatic transmission was removed and stripped. We carried out a glycol test to check whether there had been a leak from the radiator into the transmission unit. The glycol test confirmed that there had been a cooling water leak from the radiator into the automatic gearbox.When water contaminates an automatic transmission, it attacks the friction plates and the solenoids. The water contamination and damage to the automatic gearbox required a complete overhaul of the transmission unit. During the overhaul of the transmission, also completed an overhaul of all the friction plates, the converter lock-up assembly and checked the other engine components which had been affected by the ingress of water from the radiator.  The cooler lines were flushed prior to the gearbox being refitted to ensure the cooler lines were free from contamination. We then carried out the gearbox adaptions and the Mercedes Sprinter van was taken on a ten mile test drive and then checked for leaks. After the inspection, the Mercedes’ was signed off and is running well.

Mercedes Sprinter van loss of drive resolved by the experts at Stephens Engineering.

Having a problem with your automatic transmission? Contact Stephens Engineering, the automatic transmission experts.


bentley gearbox repair

Automatic Transmission Specialists – A Week in the Workshop

A Week in the Stephens Engineering Workshop – Automatic Transmission Specialists

As you would expect from the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering, it been all about automatic transmission faults last week. Here’s a brief snapshot of our week in the Stephen Engineering workshop repairing automatic transmissions with just a few of the vehicles we’ve repaired:

We’ve cured the erratic shift pattern for a BMW 740 series after diagnosing contamination in the transmission fluid.

Using our diagnostic scan, we found a fault with the Mercedes “C” class transmission control unit, after replacing the part and reprogramming, running well.

The 2005 Vauxhall Astra with a semi automatic gearbox came in with an “F” mode fault code and was non-starting. After diagnostics, an intermittent fault was found in the clutch actuator unit of the Vauxhall Astra. The Vauxhall Astra’s actuators were removed and cleaned and the vehicle is now running.

A 2006 Jaguar S Type had an intermittent fault which the scan showed possible solenoid problems in the valve body. Thorough testing revealed a solenoid problem plus a leak off in pressure in the valve body assembly. After fitting new components and sump filter unit, a ten mile road test confirmed all was well.

Stephens Engineering Repairs to a Mercedes Automatic Gearbox

Stephens Engineering Repairs to a Mercedes Automatic Gearbox

At Stephens Engineering, you will always find knowledgeable, expert mechanics with the experience to work on your automatic transmission and gearbox. With over fifty years experience, we have the expertise to rebuild the automatic gearbox on both stunning classic vehicles through to repairing the automatic transmission on current modern vehicles.

Just one of the many repairs we have recently undertaken was for a Mercedes automatic gearbox.

We have worked on a number of seven speed auto gearboxes in our workshops recently which all had wear issues within the automatic transmission. Gearbox and engine damage can occur through wear and tear of the gearbox parts; thrust bearings eat into the gear case which if not rectified can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s engine. To rectify this problem, we manufacture our own bronze replacement shims. Each of our bronze shims is bespoke manufactured to fit your gearbox. Drag and judder can sometimes be a problem and to ensure we eliminate any drag and judder, we also fit a performance kit to the torque converter. In our experience, because we manufacture the individual components for each individual vehicle, we often find that the transmission runs smoother because we don’t use ready made ‘off the peg’ components, we manufacture replacement parts within our workshops.

At Stephens Engineering, we not only manufacture bespoke, precision parts for your automatic gearbox, in addition, if during our thorough inspection, we discover any weaknesses within your gearbox, we will carry out the necessary modification work to update and modify your vehicle’s gearbox, giving your transmission exceptional service.

The expert mechanics at Stephens Engineering Don’t let wear and tear to your gearbox cause the catastrophic failure of your engine, let the expert mechanics at Stephens Engineering provide your transmission with our outstanding service.