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2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

Automatic Gearbox Repairs in Ware

Stephens Engineering are celebrating their 50th year of automatic gearbox repairs in Ware this year. Stephens Engineering was established in 1968 by Bill Stephens and Bill remains the owner and working proprietor within the workshop.

The automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, have a wealth of experience gained over 50 years in carrying out automatic gearbox repairs since 1968. Our many years of experience in automatic gearbox repair and fault finding makes Stephens Engineering the automatic choice for automatic transmission fault finding.

Since 1968, we have seen a simply amazing evolution of the automatic gearbox and at Stephens Engineering, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of automatic transmission repair. In our specialist workshop, we repair and rebuild automatic gearboxes. The experienced automatic gearbox repair team work to maintain and repair classic vehicle automatic transmissions. With our wealth of gearbox repair experience, we fault find and repair automatic gearboxes for all makes of motor vehicle from the modern 7 speed automatic gearbox to dual clutch transmissions. Within our specialist automatic gearbox repair workshop, we also are able to manufacture bespoke, precision parts for a complete automatic gearbox repair.

You can rely on our knowledge and experience to keep your vehicle’s automatic gearbox running smoothly. With 50 years experience of automatic gearbox repairs, Stephens Engineering are the automatic choice for your gearbox repair.


Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Mercedes B Class Automatic Transmission Repair Testimonial

The automatic transmission experts in the Stephens Engineering workshop recently carried out a Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair. At Stephens Engineering, we have over 40 years experience in working on and repairing automatic gearboxes and we can justifiably call ourselves automatic transmission repair specialists. We were approached by the owner of the Mercedes B Class after his local garage had diagnosed a fault with the Mercedes B class CVT automatic transmission. We were contacted by the customer when local garages were unable to carry out the Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair. The B Class Mercedes was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop and here is what our customer had to say after the Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair was carried out by Stephens Engineering:

“My B class Mercedes had just completed fifty four thousand miles when it developed a fault with the CVT automatic transmission which was diagnosed by my local garage here in Devon as having a broken drive belt.

 After numerous phone calls it seemed impossible to get this repair done in the West Country. Searching further afield I found Stephens Engineering in Ware who were very knowledgeable and couldn’t have been more helpful.  They carried a perfect repair on the gearbox and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend Stephens engineering highly enough. A remarkable stroke of luck to have found them.”

Is your local garage struggling to repair your automatic transmission? Contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering and let the experts in automatic transmission repairs get you and vehicle motoring.

Read testimonials from our customers.

Ford Focus Gearbox Repair

Ford Focus Gearbox Repair

The automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, carried a Ford Focus gearbox repair to a 2009 Ford Focus.

The Ford Focus vehicle was recovered into the Stephens Engineering workshop with a reported problem of having reduced forward drive.  The Ford Focus is a popular car choice for families and this family car was badly missed by it’s owners.

The Ford Focus gearbox repair in the Stephens Engineering workshop started with the Focus gearbox being removed and then the gearbox was dismantled.

The 2009 Ford Focus automatic transmission is a four speed front wheel drive transmission with a lock up torque converter. This automatic transmission is used by both Ford and Mazda  and this is a good transmission unit with only a few weak areas.

We rebuilt the Ford Focus gearbox within our specialist workshop and during the gearbox rebuild, the transmission unit’s valve body was updated and the servo system was also updated. Included within the automatic transmission rebuild, new clutches and a new band were fitted to the Focus gearbox.  The automatic gearbox unit was then re-installed to the Ford Focus with an exchange house built converter.

At Stephens Engineering, we always carry out a long road test to ensure the repairs carried out have resolved the gearbox problem. The long road test confirmed the Ford Focus gearbox repair had been successful and the gearbox performance of the Ford Focus was back to normal and so that this family car was returned to it’s owners.

We’re automatic gearbox specialists located in Ware and have over 40 years experience of gearbox repair.  Contact the automatic transmission experts for your Ford Focus gearbox problems.

VW Golf gearbox repair

Renault Gearbox Repair

The automatic transmissions specialists at Stephens Engineering, regularly carry out Renault gearbox repair within our workshop.

A common problem requiring a Renault gearbox repair that we often see with the Renault DPO gearbox, is a reported ‘slip and thump’. The ‘slip and thump’ is the result of the Renault gearbox ‘slipping’ out of gear and making a ‘thumping’ noise as the Renault gearbox re-engages.

In our extensive experience of repairing Renault DPO gearboxes, the cause of this common fault to the Renault gearbox is the result of the torque converter one-way clutch spinning in its housing. The torque converter one-way clutch helps to maintain smooth gear changing and early action can prevent a complete failure of the Renault’s automatic transmission unit.

A common indication that the torque converter one-way clutch is beginning to fail is a clicking sound from the transmission unit and if left without remedial action, this will progress further, with the gearbox slipping out of gear and then resulting in a complete failure of the gearbox with a total loss of gears.

At Stephens Engineering, we have a dedicated specialist machine shop and we carry out a Renault gearbox repair to the torque converter one-way clutch by pinning the torque converter one-way clutch with three silver steel rods which are robust and sturdy to withstand the pressures of the unit and will probably out last the car. In addition, we would recommend the automatic transmission is overhauled at this stage.

When your Renault gearbox needs specialist attention, bring your Renault to Stephens Engineering, we provide knowledgeable and thorough service to keep your Renault transmission running smoothly.

Contact the Renault automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering.

2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

Audi A5 Gearbox Repair

Audi A5 Gearbox Repair by Stephens Engineering

A 2009 Audi A5 gearbox repair was carried out in the Stephens Engineering workshop. The 2009 Audi A5 is fitted with a eight speed, front wheel drive automatic transmission. The Audi A5 was reported to be suffering from harsh gear changes and also, the gearbox warning light came on whilst driving on the motorway.

A full diagnostic scan was undertaken of the Audi A5 for trouble codes and once the trouble codes had been noted, the Audi A5 automatic transmission was removed and then dismantled in our workshop. The transmission unit checked thoroughly and the trouble codes investigated and actioned.

The Audi A5 automatic transmission is labour intensive unit, but very well made and with some TLC in the Stephens Engineering workshop, the Audi A5 transmission unit was ready to be refitted after only two days. The Audi A5 gearbox repair was completed once we had refitted the gearbox and cleared the trouble codes. The Audi A5 was given a long road test to confirm that the gear changes were no longer harsh and that motorway driving did not cause the gearbox warning light to come on. After the road test, the Audi A5 gearbox fault had been repaired.

Are you experiencing harsh gear changes when driving your vehicle, you need to book your vehicle in Stephens Engineering, the automatic transmission experts.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Gearbox Repair – A Week in the Workshop

Gearbox Repair – A Week in the Workshop

At Stephens Engineering, we’re known for our knowledge and expertise in fault finding and the carrying out of  automatic gearbox repair. Our knowledge and experience gives us the edge; we have worked on most automatic transmission units and over the years, we have rectified a wide range of faults and problems.

We often see vehicles being brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop and our customers report a problem with the gearbox and more often than not, they’re right, however, there are occasions when a customer experiences problems with their car and believes it to be transmission related and our experience tells us that this possibly is not the case. With our automatic gearbox fault finding experience, we’re able to recognise faults that appear to be gearbox problems but are not the result of a gearbox fault. A good example of this scenario is the Bentley recently brought into the workshop with a transmission fault and a vehicle owner considering a new automatic transmission for their Bentley. Whilst there was certainly an issue with the performance of the Bentley, there was a particularly bad whine and vibration when the vehicle was under acceleration, our experience told us this was not a transmission issue. Examination of the transmission unit confirmed that the problem was, in fact, the gearbox and engine mounting.

Our customer could have been faced with an expensive repair bill to replace the complete transmission unit, however, with our knowledge and skill, we were able to find the true cause of the problem and get the vehicle back on the road quickly.

If you suspect your vehicle has a problem with it’s automatic transmission, book your car in to the Stephens Engineering workshop in Ware, the automatic transmission experts fault finding and repairing automatic transmissions for over 40 years.

Volvo XC90 Gearbox Repair

Automatic Transmission Repairs – A week in the workshop

Automatic transmission repairs in Ware

As you’d expect from the automatic transmission experts in the Stephens Engineering workshop, it’s been another busy week and for us, it’s all about automatic transmission repairs. We’re sharing a small snapshot of some of the vehicles and their problems that we’ve seen this week.

2012 Vauxhall Insignia was brought in needing automatic transmission repairs. This Vauxhall Insignia  has a front wheel drive six speed automatic transmission and in the Vauxhall Insignia, this unit does seem to have issues after approximately seventy thousand miles. Harsh gear changes were noted and this Vauxhall was brought in just in time for us to repair and return to smooth running.

2011 Vauxhall Astra which had covered  32,000 miles was brought in with gear change problems and no reverse gear.  After a thorough diagnostic scan, solenoid codes were noted and on inspection, we found that the transmission unit had overheated and damaged the internal components. We carried out automatic transmission repairs, removing and dismantling the Astra’s transmission and fitting a replacement torque converter. After re-fitting the Vauxhall Astra automatic transmission, the vehicle was running well.

2008 BMW X5 with a z.f. six speed automatic transmission was brought in with a slip in both 5th and 6th gear, the diagnostic scan picked codes highlighting a problem with the E-clutch assembly. When the BMW X5 gearbox was removed and dismantled and the E-clutch was pressure tested to check for pressure loss. We replaced the E-clutch unit and rebuilt the transmission using the original z.f. components and after some thorough automatic transmission repairs, the gearbox was back to original performance.

For automatic transmission repairs, bring your vehicle to the automatic transmission experts at Stephens Engineering.

Contact us to enquire how the Stephens Engineering automatic transmission specialists can improve your motoring experience and your vehicle’s performance.

2013 Mercedes Sprinter Gearbox Repair

Mercedes 500 CL Gearbox Repair

Mercedes 500 CL Gearbox Repair

A Mercedes 500 CL was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop, the problem was that the Mercedes 500 CL was making a loud whine when in the lower gears.  Our diagnostic testing for this vehicle involved running the vehicle on the lift and this confirmed that the automatic transmission was the problem. The Mercedes 500 CL gearbox repair commenced with the automatic transmission being removed and stripped down for a thorough inspection.

On inspection, we found the planetary gear set had worn through the spacer washers and into the casing.  In our experience, this can sometimes be a problem if the vehicle mainly does short runs out. We would usually fit new bearing thrusts, however, as the Mercedes’ planetary gear set had worn through the planet casing, the complete assembly was replaced, together with a complete overhaul of the automatic gearbox. We up rated the torque converter with new components. After refitting the automatic transmission and torque converter, the vehicle was ready for a test drive. As always, the Mercedes 500 CL was given a long run and we ran a series of final checks which all confirmed that the Mercedes 500 CL gearbox repair had been successful and that the vehicle was running well.

If your Mercedes 500 CL is making a loud whine when running through the lower gears, the planetary gear set could be worn, prevent further possible damage to your automatic transmission and engine, bring your vehicle to the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering.

Contact us today to book your vehicle in.

Ford Focus Gearbox Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair – Satisfied Customers

 Automatic Transmission Repairs by Stephens Engineering

At Stephens Engineering, we care about our customers and their cars. Our fully trained and experienced mechanics are experts in automatic gearbox fault finding and automatic transmission repairs. Read our testimonials to see what one of our satisfied customers had to say about us and our service.

“I just wanted to say thankyou to all of you at Stephens Engineering for your skills, knowledge and service. Best 800 quid i have spent all year.

You avoided me having to scrap the car.

In the 26 years of being a car owner i have never felt so compelled to say thankyou.”

When a vehicle with a suspected automatic gearbox fault is brought in to our workshop, we carry out a detailed automatic transmission diagnostic. Our experience and knowledge enables us to repair your automatic transmission and we have the experience and knowledge to identify to causes and it is not always the transmission that it causing the problem. We carry out a long road test to check the fault has been rectified before your vehicle is handed back to you.

When you choose Stephens Engineering, you know your car is in safe and experienced hands.
Does your car have automatic transmission problems, is your vehicle not running as smoothly as you’d like? Book your car in to the Stephens Engineering workshop today.
bentley gearbox repair

Nissan X-Trail Gearbox Whine

Nissan X-Trail Gearbox Whine

In the Stephens Engineering workshop we looked at Nissan X-Trail gearbox whine.  This vehicle was referred to us by a local garage, reporting a whine noise from the automatic gearbox or transfer case.  At Stephens Engineering, we specialise in resolving and repairing faults to automatic transmission that are difficult pinpoint.

Part of our diagnostic procedure for this Nissan X-Trail, was to take the vehicle on a long drive in, during which time several test procedures are carried out to locate the fault. With our years of experience, in the workshop, we were not convinced the Nissan X-Trail gearbox whine was in fact related to the automatic transmission and on the vehicle lift,  it was hard to pin-point the fault as there is no load being applied.

With our years of experience, in our opinion, this was a problem with the off side front wheel bearing. Nissan X-Trail front wheel bearing was stripped down and fully inspected. The hub on a Nissan X-Trail comes as one part, complete with bearings and this was fitted and a further road test carried and the Stephens Engineering diagnosis proved to be correct; there was no fault with the automatic transmission, the problem was a wheel bearing.

Our expertise and experience ensured the correct repair was carried out and we have a happy customer who thought he was have to re-build the automatic transmission on his Nissan X-Trail.

Contact Stephens Engineering.