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Ford Focus Gearbox Repair

Ford Focus Gearbox Repair

The automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, carried a Ford Focus gearbox repair to a 2009 Ford Focus.

The Ford Focus vehicle was recovered into the Stephens Engineering workshop with a reported problem of having reduced forward drive.  The Ford Focus is a popular car choice for families and this family car was badly missed by it’s owners.

The Ford Focus gearbox repair in the Stephens Engineering workshop started with the Focus gearbox being removed and then the gearbox was dismantled.

The 2009 Ford Focus automatic transmission is a four speed front wheel drive transmission with a lock up torque converter. This automatic transmission is used by both Ford and Mazda  and this is a good transmission unit with only a few weak areas.

We rebuilt the Ford Focus gearbox within our specialist workshop and during the gearbox rebuild, the transmission unit’s valve body was updated and the servo system was also updated. Included within the automatic transmission rebuild, new clutches and a new band were fitted to the Focus gearbox.  The automatic gearbox unit was then re-installed to the Ford Focus with an exchange house built converter.

At Stephens Engineering, we always carry out a long road test to ensure the repairs carried out have resolved the gearbox problem. The long road test confirmed the Ford Focus gearbox repair had been successful and the gearbox performance of the Ford Focus was back to normal and so that this family car was returned to it’s owners.

We’re automatic gearbox specialists located in Ware and have over 40 years experience of gearbox repair.  Contact the automatic transmission experts for your Ford Focus gearbox problems.

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