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CVT Constantly Variable Transmission Repair

CVT Constantly Variable Transmission Repair

The CVT or constantly variable transmission is still a popular automatic gearbox. Automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, regularly carry out a constantly variable transmission repair in their workshop.

The CVT is a belt driven transmission not gear driven. The CVT still retains the use of the torque converter with the pulleys and steel belts.  The constantly variable transmission gearbox is the smoothest in its gear changes. The constantly variable transmission allows the engine to operate at peak efficiency at all speed outputs. Due to its ability to control the engine’s speed, the CVT units produce fewer emissions.

The CVT unit, does by design, have some weaknesses in the transmission unit. One issue with the CVT unit is some harshness through the drive train. Classic signs of potential trouble within the CVT are oil leakage or vibration when driving at higher speeds.

Stephens Engineering are able to source spare parts for automatic transmissions from the manufacturer. When replacement worn parts are unavailable, new parts can be made in our specialist machine shop and torque converter reconditioning department.

For constantly variable transmission repair, contact the automatic gearbox repair specialists at Stephens Engineering.

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