Ford B Max Gearbox Repair

VW Golf gearbox repair

Ford B Max Gearbox Repair

As Stephens Engineering are experts in automatic transmission fault finding and automatic gearbox repairs, we see an array of different vehicles with automatic transmission problems. We use our knowledge and expertise, combined with the best diagnostic tools to fault find and repair the automatic transmission on the vehicles brought into our workshop.

A 2011 Ford B Max was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop for investigation and repair.  The problem was recorded that this 2011 Ford B Max had a violent shift and noise when changing into third gear.  This model of vehicle is fitted with the latest dual-clutch sequential shift transmission.  The transmission was removed and thoroughly inspected and on inspection,  we found that the selector fork mechanism  within the transmission had failed.  After locating the cause of the gearbox failure, the gearbox was repaired and re-fitted with a new dual clutch.  Finally, a re-learn procedure was carried out and then the vehicle was ready for a final road test.  The vehicle was road tested  was now driving fine.

At Stephens Engineering, we have experience of working with automatic transmissions for over 40 years. Contact us to arrange booking your car in to be seen by our highly skilled team.

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