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Vauxhall Astra Semi Automatic Gearbox Problem

Vauxhall Astra Semi Automatic Gearbox Problem

We seen a 2005 Vauxhall  Astra in the Stephens Engineering workshop which was fitted with a semi automatic gearbox.  This Vauxhall Astra was brought in to the Stephens Engineering workshop with an “F” mode fault code and was non-starting.  We carried out a diagnostic scan to the vehicle and this scan showed that there was a clutch position error.  We undertook further diagnostics  and this confirmed that there was an intermittent fault in the clutch actuator unit. We removed the clutch actuator unit of the Vauxhall Astra and an exchange unit fitted.  We then removed and cleaned the second actuator on the gearbox, it was then lubricated and re-fitted to the gearbox.  The vehicle was then taken through a re-learn procedure and to ensure the automatic transmission was performing as to be expected, the Astra was taken out for a run and given a long road test.  The fault had been rectified and the vehicle tested all o.k.

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