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Aston Martin Gearbox Repair

Aston Martin Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering recently carried out an Aston Martin gearbox repair in their Ware workshop. 50 years of repairing automatic gearboxes makes Stephens Engineering trusted automatic gearbox repair specialists.

The Aston Martin came into the Stephens Engineering workshop with no reverse drive.  The Aston Martin’s owner had been told by the dealer that a new transmission for the Aston Martin was required. As automatic gearbox specialists, Stephens Engineering were asked to investigate the problem and quote for the repairs to the Aston Martin gearbox. This Aston Martin model has the Z.F transmission in the rear sub-frame assembly. Stephens Engineering are ZF Pro Tech members providing high quality after market Aston Martin automatic transmission servicing and repairs in Ware.

The vehicle was scanned in the workshop and the diagnostic data analysed. There were two codes in the memory so the valve body was removed to run run tests on our rig within the workshop. The test uncovered that two solenoids were reading incorrectly. As a result of the solenoid issue, we recommended a valve body overhaul. The Aston Martin valve body was stripped down completely and thoroughly cleaned. All the solenoids were tested individually and cleaned. A sample of oil was also taken for analysis. The overhauled valve body was refitted to the Aston Martin with a new filter and fresh fluid. After the transmission repairs, the Aston Martin then drove perfectly through all the gears. The loss of reverse drive had been successfully resolved by Stephens Engineering. The Aston Martin was repaired and running smoothly without putting the owner to the expense of a new transmission.

Stephens Engineering carried out the thorough Aston Martin gearbox repair, saving the owner from the considerable expense of a new transmission for the Aston Martin. For knowledgeable, specialist automatic gearbox repairs, contact the automatic gearbox repair specialists at Stephens Engineering.


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