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Skoda DSG Gearbox Repair

Skoda DSG Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering are experienced repairers of the direct shift gearbox. For aftermarket Skoda DSG gearbox repair, book in with Stephens Engineering, the automatic transmission specialists.

Many vehicle manufacturers now use the direct shift gearbox (DSG) and the Stephens Engineering workshop team are experienced and knowledgeable in DSG gearbox repairs. As a vehicle gets older and the mileage increases, the potential for problems within the gearbox increases. Over time, parts become worn or damaged. Within the DSG gearbox, each worn or damaged component will present a different symptom. The clutch, gearbox bearings and forks are all susceptible to wear. At Stephens Engineering, our knowledge and experience enables us to quickly identify the issue. Within the DSG gearbox, the mechatronic unit is the control centre of the gearbox. Problems with the mechatronic unit have a number of sources from issues with pump pressure, malfunctioning solenoids or processor.

Within the Stephens Engineering workshop, we have a range of diagnostic tools for careful and accurate diagnosis of faults within the Skoda DSG. A repair to the Skoda DSG gearbox needn’t be horrendous with skillful and careful diagnosis by Stephens Engineering. Most components and parts for the Skoda DSG gearbox can be sourced separately without needing to replace the complete DSG unit. The Skoda DSG gearbox when working well is a joy to drive.

For Skoda DSG gearbox repair that restores your joy of driving, book your Skoda in with the automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering.



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