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Range Rover Sport Gearbox Repair

Range Rover Sport Gearbox Repair

Automatic gearbox repair specialists, Stephens Engineering carry out Range Rover Sport gearbox repair in Ware.

Stephens Engineering are seeing a number of the Range Rover Sports 2015 – 2017 in the workshop with transmission problems. We are seeing a number of these ever-evolving models in the workshop. The earlier model Range Rover Sport has issues with the transfer box. There are still problems with the new design transfer box. Another common Range Rover Sport transmission problem is the clutches inside the transfer box. The Range Rover Sport has a Z.F. eight speed transmission. The Z.F. 8 speed transmission is a tough unit, however, being driven hard by these large vehicles does result in failure of the gear set and clutch drum. Stephens Engineering are Z.F. Pro Tech members. This keeps the team in the workshop informed and up to date with the improvements and updates from Z.F.

With over 50 years experience repairing and servicing automatic transmissions, Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox repair specialists. We provide quality aftermarket transmission repairs for the Range Rover. For experienced Range Rover Sport gearbox repair, contact the Range Rover transmission repair specialists, Stephens Engineering.


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