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Range Rover Evoque Transmission Problems

Range Rover Evoque Transmission Problems

As automatic gearbox repair specialists, Stephens Engineering recognise and repair Range Rover Evoque transmission problems in their Ware workshop.

The Range Rover Evoque has a nine speed automatic transmission. As experienced Range Rover Evoque automatic gearbox repairers, Stephens Engineering regularly see Evoques brought into the worshop. Common issues are harsh gear changes, juddering from the gearbox or jerking. Are you experiencing a rough gear change after selecting Drive to move the vehicle from stationary in Neutral? You may have noticed a jerk or harsh gear change when releasing the footbreak when the vehicle is in Drive in traffic or pulling away from lights. These issues are indications of Range Rover Evoque transmission problems.

In the Stephens Engineering workshop, we have main dealer standard diagnostic tools to diagnose and repair Evoque gearbox faults. Stephens Engineering can also test the software programming of your Range Rover Evoque ensuring your vehicle is operating on the latest available software and we can update your Evoque’s software if there is an update available. In addition, within the workshop, we can replace the Evoque’s transmission fluid, draining and clearing out the old contaminated oil and replacing completely with clean new transmission fluid.

If you are experiencing Range Rover Evoque transmission problems, book your Range Rover Evoque into the Stephens Engineering workshop for trusted Evoque gearbox repairs in Ware.

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