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Porsche Macan Gearbox Repair

Porsche Macan Gearbox Repair

Automatic gearbox specialists Stephens Engineering carry out Porsche Macan gearbox repair in Ware.

The automatic gearbox repair team at Stephens Engineering are an experienced Porsche automatic gearbox repairer.

Our technicians have seen a number of Porsche Macan vehicles brought into the workshop. A common problem seen in the workshop for the Porsche Macan is judders from the transfer box when driven at certain speeds. The Porsche Macan has a responsive PDK gearbox which is a standard 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. The PDK is the Porsche dual clutch transmission. Wear and tear in the transfer box results in a discrepancy between the intended speed of the wheels and the actual speed of the wheels.

When a Porsche Macan is seen with a judder from the transfer box, Stephens Engineering carry out an overhaul of the transfer box. Worn components are replaced. The Porsche transfer box is subject to a thorough overhaul as the clutches and set up are critical to performance of the vehicle.

After overhauling Macan transfer boxes, we are having good results. A thorough overhaul of the transfer box by Stephens Engineering ensures a saving on main dealers repairs and should last for a great deal longer.

Book in with Stephens Engineering for trusted Porsche Macan gearbox repair.




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