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Mercedes Benz Automatic Gearbox Repairs

Mercedes Benz Automatic Gearbox Repairs

Stephens Engineering in Ware carry out Mercedes Benz automatic gearbox repairs.

With over 50 years automatic transmission repair expertise, the Stephens Engineering technicians have worked on and repaired most makes and models of automatic gearbox. The knowledgeable team recognise common automatic gearbox faults and problems. Our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to identify gearbox problems and can prevent an expensive failure of the gearbox.

A common issue we’ve seen in automatic Mercedes diesel vehicles, is a problem with the Mercedes diesel stalling. In diesel Mercedes automatic gearboxes, the a one-way clutch or sprag clutch operates to ensure a smooth change of gears under load. The sprag clutch does not have a release mechanism being a one way clutch system.

If your diesel Mercedes is slipping gearsĀ  or your Mercedes has a problem stalling, Stephens Engineering have over 50 years experience repairing automatic transmissions. From replacing damaged transmission components to a full automatic transmission overhaul, Stephens Engineering are the automatic gearbox repair specialists in Ware.

Contact Stephens Engineering to book in for Mercedes Benz automatic gearbox repairs in Ware.



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