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Seat DSG Gearbox Repair

Seat DSG Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering are the automatic gearbox specialists for an aftermarket Seat DSG gearbox repair.

Many vehicle manufacturers use the DSG (direct shift gearbox). The expert team in the Stephens Engineering workshop are are experienced in fault finding diagnostics for Seat DSG vehicles.Using main dealer standard equipment, the workshop team can quickly identify problems in a DSG transmission. With knowledge gained from regularly repairing and servicing the Seat DSG, Stephens Engineering recognise common problems quickly. Problems with the Seat DSG transmission occur as the vehicles age and their mileage increases. Parts prone to wear are the clutch, gearbox bearings and forks. Each different component will give a different symptoms. Stephens Engineering expertise and knowledge enables them to fault find quickly and identify the worn or faulty part. The control centre of the gearbox, the mechatronic unit also has a number of elements which can give rise to failure of the Seat DSG transmission. Within the mechatronic unit, problems arise due to failure of the pump pressures, the solenoids or the processor.

Stephens Engineering are able to source most parts separately, repairing or replacing the worn or damaged component, rather than a complete replacement DSG transmission. For trusted Seat DSG gearbox repair in Ware, book your Seat in with Stephens Engineering.



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