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Chrysler Grand Voyager Gearbox Repair

Chrysler Grand Voyager Gearbox Repair

This week the auto gearbox experts at Stephens Engineering have carried out a Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair on 2 Chrysler Grand Voyagers. Both Chrysler Voyager vehicles delivered to the Stephens Engineering workshop had the later six speed automatic transmission.

Both of the Grand Voyagers had sustained high mileage and were approaching the end of their useful life. In our specialist workshop, the Grand Voyager auto transmissions were dismantled and cleaned. This enables the automatic gearbox specialists in the Stephens Engineering workshop to note that the main areas of wear within in the Chrysler auomatic transmission were to the planet gears and the clutch drums. Within the Chrysler Grand Voyager automatic transmission, is a solenoid pack and it it critical to check the integrity of the solenoid pack and replace. Another common issue contamination of the transmission fluid. When the transmission fluid was drained on both vehicles, it was checked for the presence of both water and glycol.  The air-conditioning intercooler can be responsible for moisture leaking into the transmission fluid of the automatic gearbox. The presence of a contaminant in the transmission fluid would necessitate changing this unit.

After completing the necessary rebuilds, the codes were re-set to both Chrysler Grand Voyagers and both vehicles underwent a long road test to confirm that full function and performance had been restored.

For Chrysler Grand Voyager gearbox repair in Ware, contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering.


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