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Mercedes B Class Complete Loss Of Drive

Mercedes B Class Complete Loss of Drive

Mercedes B Class complete loss of drive is the result of a fault in the clutch assembly and gearbox splines. Stephens Engineering are knowledgeable and experienced Mercedes automatic gearbox repairers in Ware. If your Mercedes has a complete loss of drive, your vehicles needs Stephens Engineering.

In the Stephens Engineering workshop, we often see the Mercedes B Class with a loss of drive as the mileage reaches fifty thousand miles. The issue is in the clutch assembly and the gearbox splines. The gearbox splines wear down through use over time. To fully assess the damage within the transmission unit, the transmission unit needs to be removed. Once theĀ  Mercedes transmission has been removed, after a thorough inspection in the Stephens Engineering workshop, the damage can be fully assessed. Repairs to the Mercedes B Class can require repair and replacement of the flywheel and shaft. More extensive wear and damage may need a complete dual-mass flywheel and clutch repair. Stephens EngineeringĀ  Mercedes B Class gearbox repairs also strengthen the parts meaning that repairs should last for many years and enjoyable motoring.

For Mercedes B Class complete loss of drive gearbox repairs, contact Stephens Engineering. Experienced Mercedes B Class automatic gearbox repairers.


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