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ZF Automatic Gearbox Repair

ZF Automatic Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering carry out ZF automatic gearbox repair as ZF Pro Tech Plus members. We diagnosis faults and repair the makes and models of vehicles using the ZF automatic transmission.

A problem we see in the Stephens Engineering workshop in ZF automatic gearboxes is a slipping in 4th and 5th gear. A slipping in 4th or 5th gear is the result of a failure in the E-clutch assembly. The E clutch is situated near to the front of the transmission. Whilst not responsible for a specific gear, the E Clutch only affects the higher gears, coming into play when the transmission shifts into fourth gear. Engaging in conjunction with the other clutches to achieve a specific gear ratio.

The loss of pressure within the assembly reduces the force the E Clutch applies which in turn allows it to slip. The loss of pressure is two-fold; worn bushes let fluid leak away, reducing the force with which the E Clutch is applied. The leak off of fluid then causes the E Clutch drum to fail. A crack in the E clutch drum causes the pistons to fail to apply because of a leakage in the hydraulic oil flow. When the transmission is hot, this will bring on the service warning lights.

To avoid further damage, the transmission unit needs specialist attention from a ZF Pro Tech Plus approved workshop who are equipped to diagnose and repair ZF gearbox faults. In the Stephens Engineering workshop, modified bushings can be fitted for improved engine performance and ensure that updates are run and installed. For all vehicles with the ZF transmission, using the correct fluid is also very important.

With over 50 years experience, book your vehicle into the Stephens Engineering workshop for a ZF automatic gearbox repair or gearbox service by a trusted ZF Pro Tech Plus automatic gearbox repairer.


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