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Nissan X-Trail Gearbox Whine

Nissan X-Trail Gearbox Whine

Nissan X-Trail Gearbox Whine

In the Stephens Engineering workshop we looked at Nissan X-Trail gearbox whine.  This vehicle was referred to us by a local garage, reporting a whine noise from the automatic gearbox or transfer case.  At Stephens Engineering, we specialise in resolving and repairing faults to automatic transmission that are difficult pinpoint.

Part of our diagnostic procedure for this Nissan X-Trail, was to take the vehicle on a long drive in, during which time several test procedures are carried out to locate the fault. With our years of experience, in the workshop, we were not convinced the Nissan X-Trail gearbox whine was in fact related to the automatic transmission and on the vehicle lift,  it was hard to pin-point the fault as there is no load being applied.

With our years of experience, in our opinion, this was a problem with the off side front wheel bearing. Nissan X-Trail front wheel bearing was stripped down and fully inspected. The hub on a Nissan X-Trail comes as one part, complete with bearings and this was fitted and a further road test carried and the Stephens Engineering diagnosis proved to be correct; there was no fault with the automatic transmission, the problem was a wheel bearing.

Our expertise and experience ensured the correct repair was carried out and we have a happy customer who thought he was have to re-build the automatic transmission on his Nissan X-Trail.

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