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Toyota RAV4 Automatic Gearbox Repair

Toyota RAV4 Automatic Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering, automatic transmission specialists for Toyota RAV4 automatic gearbox repair in Ware. Trusted automatic gearbox specialists providing quality after market servicing and repairs for Toyota automatic gearboxes.For RAV4 automatic transmission problems including transmission solenoid issues and issues with transmission noise book into the Stephens Engineering workshop.

Common problems reported in the Stephens Engineering workshop regarding the Toyota RAV4 transmission include reports of the vehicle jerking or hesitating when trying to accelerate. Check engine lights coming on while driving and intermittent stalling  is often the result of a faulty solenoid which requires immediate replacement. A grinding noise during acceleration and deceleration or when the vehicle is place in reverse or changed from FWD to 4WD are indicative of a problem with the transmission. Worn bearings can cause grinding noises from the RAV4. Insufficient or contaminated transmission fluid can cause the RAV4 transmission to over heat, causing the gears to slip or surge out of control. A clogged RAV4 transmission filter hinders the performance of the transmission and ultimately may result in the transmission grinding to a halt.

Stephens Engineering have over 50 years experience servicing and repairing automatic transmissions. Keep your RAV4 on the road with a Toyota RAV4 automatic gearbox repair and servicing from Stephens Engineering.

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