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Automatic transmission specialist for over 50 years

The specialist automatic transmission company in Hertfordshire.

Stephens engineering are the leading automatic gearbox specialist in Hertfordshire. With years of experience of repairing automatic gearboxes and automatic transmission, you can guarantee to receive the highest quality of gearbox service and expertise.

Since 1968, Stephens Engineering offer complete customer service, expert advice and team dedication. We offer the best service, as most of our staff have been with us for over 20 years. We believe that with the highly qualified team and the latest equipment, we can offer the best service to all our customers.

Seat DSG Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering expert mechanics have over 50 years experience of automatic transmission repairs. You know your automatic gearbox is in safe hands.

automatic-transmission service

There are always lots of different opinions on the worth of automatic gearbox servicing.  We have found by experience and examining filters that the automatic gearbox is constantly making fine metal dust whic can cause many gearbox issues.

automatic transmission diagnostics

Automatic transmission diagnostics are now more important than ever before. With CAN communication the shared information between engine, Gearbox, ABS etc is most important in driveability problems.

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