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Audi DSG Gearbox Repair

Audi DSG Gearbox Repair

For over 50 years Stephens Engineering have been repairing and servicing automatic transmissions in Ware and regularly carry out an Audi DSG gearbox repair in their specialist workshop.

In the specialist workshop, the Stephens Engineering team work on all makes and models of automatic transmission. In the dedicated machine room, specialist replacement components are made.

Stephens Engineering are experienced and knowledgeable Audi automatic gearbox repairers, providing quality aftermarket Audi gearbox servicing and repairs. The team in the workshop are experienced Audi automatic transmission repairers and regularly work on the Audi DSG gearbox. The direct shift gearbox is popular with many vehicle manufacturers. Problems tend to occur as these transmission units age, with increased mileage comes increased wear and tear on the DSG transmission, resulting in problems within the Audi transmission. Each fault within the Audi transmission unit will give a different symptom. As experienced automatic gearbox repairers, the team at Stephens Engineering can quickly identify the issue. Problems within the clutch, gearbox bearings and fork will all give a different symptom. Another issue for the Audi DSG transmission can be from solenoids, pump pressures or the processor within the mechatronic unit which is the control centre of the gearbox.

With careful and accurate diagnosis, using main dealership standard diagnostic tools, Stephens Engineering can fault find and undertake an Audi DSG transmission repair. Worn or damaged parts can be sourced separately to avoid the need to replace the entire transmission unit.

For trusted aftermarket Audi DSG gearbox repair contact Stephens Engineering, the DSG repair specialists in Ware.


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