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Automatic Gearbox Fault Repair

Automatic Gearbox Fault Repair

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox fault repair specialists and are experienced and knowledgeable in repairing all types of automatic gearbox.

The most frequently used automatic transmission is a fully automatic 5 speed gearbox. Stephens Engineering repair fully automatic 5 speeds gearboxes. In addition to 5 speed automatic gearboxes, the Stephens Engineering technicians repair 6 speed automatic gearboxes and 7 speed gearboxes. 8 speed automatic gearboxes and 9 speed automatic gearboxes are also expertly repaired within the specialist workshop at Stephens Engineering.

From the 5 speed automatic gearbox, up to the 9 speed automatic gearbox, all these automatic transmissions use a torque converter to connect the drive from the engine. This is often referred to as a ‘fluid coupling’ with the torque converter transferring the rotating power from the engine. The fully automatic gearboxes have a multi clutch assembly incorporating several planet gear sets. The multi clutch and gear sets are switched on and off by the valve body which in an automatic gearbox functions as the main control centre and also the solenoids. The role of the solenoids is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The automatic gearbox is a reliable gearbox which also makes it cost effective to repair. With high mileage, the internal automatic transmission components suffer wear and can fail. In particular, the bushes, hubs and gears wear and fail. Stephens Engineering have the specialist workshop to manufacture replacement worn parts to ensure smooth performance from your automatic gearbox. Another automatic gearbox fault that can be repaired at Stephens Engineering is clutch pack damageĀ  from too high or low pressure caused by the valve body within the transmission unit.

All these automatic gearbox faults can be repaired and most parts are available or can be made within the workshop.

For specialist automatic gearbox fault repair, contact Stephens Engineering.

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