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Nissan Juke Gearbox Repair

Nissan Juke Gearbox Repair

The automatic gearbox repair specialists at Stephen Engineering are often approached to carry out a Nissan Juke gearbox repair.

The Nissan Juke automatic gearbox is one of the most common visitors to the workshop. One of the first signs of a problem with the Nissan Juke gearbox is a combination of noise and vibrations. The Nissan Juke ‘stop start’ vehicles can experience electrical faults which can result in a wide range of driving issues and concerns.

The technicians at Stephens Engineering are knowledgeable and experienced at Nissan Juke fault finding and have spent many hours in the workshop to ensure they improve reliability and smooth running. Once the Stephens Engineering team have carried an overhaul of the transmission, in our experience, we have found that the Nissan Juke will continue to drive well and should provide it’s owner with lasting reliability.

For reliable Nissan Juke gearbox repair, contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering to keep on motoring.

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