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2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair

2003 CLK Mercedes Gearbox Repair

In the Ware workshop of automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering, a 2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair was recently undertaken.

The 2003 Mercedes CLK was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop with a complaint that the Mercedes CLK had no drive when hot, with reports of a high pitched whine. The Mercedes CLK Class models are susceptible to suffering from water ingress and therefore, a glycol test was carried to ascertain whether water was present within the transmission unit of the Mercedes CLK. The glycol test confirmed the Mercedes CLK radiator had failed by letting glycol and water seep into the transmission unit. When a failure of this type occurs within the Mercedes CLK transmission, all of the components and the torque converter must be replaced.

To achieve the 2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair, a new radiator can be fitted to the vehicle. To prevent a re-occurrence of this type of Mercedes transmission failure, a retro separate cooler can be fitted. Prior to refitting the Mercedes CLK transmission, the circuit board was also changed and part of the valve body was updated.

The 2003 CLK Mercedes gearbox repair was tested with a ten mile run during which the 2003 Mercedes CLK now performed as new.


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Mercedes B Class Automatic Transmission Repair Testimonial

The automatic transmission experts in the Stephens Engineering workshop recently carried out a Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair. At Stephens Engineering, we have over 40 years experience in working on and repairing automatic gearboxes and we can justifiably call ourselves automatic transmission repair specialists. We were approached by the owner of the Mercedes B Class after his local garage had diagnosed a fault with the Mercedes B class CVT automatic transmission. We were contacted by the customer when local garages were unable to carry out the Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair. The B Class Mercedes was brought into the Stephens Engineering workshop and here is what our customer had to say after the Mercedes B Class automatic transmission repair was carried out by Stephens Engineering:

“My B class Mercedes had just completed fifty four thousand miles when it developed a fault with the CVT automatic transmission which was diagnosed by my local garage here in Devon as having a broken drive belt.

 After numerous phone calls it seemed impossible to get this repair done in the West Country. Searching further afield I found Stephens Engineering in Ware who were very knowledgeable and couldn’t have been more helpful.  They carried a perfect repair on the gearbox and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend Stephens engineering highly enough. A remarkable stroke of luck to have found them.”

Is your local garage struggling to repair your automatic transmission? Contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering and let the experts in automatic transmission repairs get you and vehicle motoring.

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