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Mercedes Auto Gearbox Service

Mercedes Auto Gearbox Service

Stephens Engineering are automatic transmission specialists with over 50 years experience in Ware and we regularly carry out a Mercedes auto gearbox service in our workshop.

The automatic gearbox specialists in the workshop are knowledgeable and experienced for all Mercedes automatic transmissions. We have the knowledge and ability to read fault codes and diagnosis problems within the Mercedes transmission units.

Recently the Stephens Engineering workshop carried out automatic gearbox servicing for several Mercedes vehicles.  Two of the Mercedes vehicles which had a thorough automatic gearbox service were seven speeds. When the automatic transmission service was carried out for the 7 speed Mercedes, we changed the Mercedes transmission fluids and filters during the gearbox servicing. We have also recently carried out an automatic gearbox service for the latest nine speed Mercedes vehicle.

Although Mercedes provide no service interval recommendation for their automatic transmission vehicles, at Stephens Engineering, we highly recommend a 40,000 mile gearbox service for automatic vehicles.  We recommend servicing the automatic gearbox at 40,000 miles because all automatic transmissions constantly produce fine dust from the metal components within the transmission unit. These metal particles over time become suspended in the transmission fluid and will, over time, start to break down and degrade the qualities of the oil.

Book your vehicles in for a thorough Mercedes auto gearbox service with Stephens Engineering, the transmission specialists.

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