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VW Polo DSG Transmission Repair

VW Polo DSG Transmission Repair

Stephens Engineering are VW Polo DSG transmission repair specialists.

Polo direct shift gearbox transmission has the advantage over a conventional automatic. The gearbox is able to work out which gear you are likely to want next  and prepare it for use while the gearbox isn’t in use.  Smooth and fast gear changes are the result.

There are a number of symptoms that are a warning that the VW Polo DSG transmission could be failing.  An intermittent clutch judder when changing gears or accelerating from standstill can be the result of clutch wear. Wear within the DSG unit can also result in over-revving as the clutch slips. Another symptoms of a possible clutch problem is a loss of drive. Warning lights may also be present, as can oils from the side of the gearbox.

Any of these symptoms are usually caused by failures within the VW Polo mechatronic unit within the transmission unit. With early action and attention, most of the above problems can be resolved or repaired without the need to remove the gearbox. Without action, these symptoms can cause clutch or DSG transmission failure.

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists and carry out a VW Polo DSG transmission repair to keep your VW gearbox motoring. For VW automatic gearbox repairs, contact Stephens Engineering in Ware.


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