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Mercedes A Class Loss Of Drive

Mercedes A Class Loss of Drive

We’re seeing the Mercedes A Class loss of drive problem in the Stephens Engineering workshop. Based in Ware, Stephens Engineering are specialist automatic gearbox repairers, experienced Mercedes gearbox repairers.

Mercedes A Class 2012 and later are being brought to us with the problem of a complete loss of drive. Once the mileage reaches 50,000 miles, we are seeing more of this model. For this issue, the fault with the Mercedes A Class is in the gearbox splines and clutch assembly. Gearbox splines become worn over time and usage. The true extent of the damage can be assessed in the Stephens Engineering workshop. Some vehicles will require work to the flywheel and shaft. Where the damage is more extensive, the vehicle will need a complete dual-mass and clutch. The degree of damage can only be assessed once the transmission unit has been removed. Without removing the unit, it is impossible to say how much damage had been done to the Mercedes transmission unit. Once the worn or damaged parts have been strengthened, the repairs to the Mercedes A Class gearbox should last for many years.

Stephens Engineering have over 50 years experience with automatic transmission repairs. If you have an issue with Mercedes A Class loss of drive, book your Mercedes into the Stephens Engineering workshop.

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