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VW Golf Intermittent Judder

VW Golf Intermittent Judder

A VW Golf intermittent judder can be symptom of a failure in the mechatronic unit.  Stephens Engineering are gearbox repair specialists with over 50 years experience of automatic gearbox repair in Ware and we’ve seen and dealt with most faults within the VW Golf gearbox.

There are a number of issues that can indicate there are failures within the mechatronic unit. Commons problems are a loss of drive when changing gear, an intermittent judder without or without warning lights. Another warning sign of a problem with the VW Golf gearbox mechatronic unit is the odd or even gear ratios being missed. Oil leaks from the side of the gearbox are also an indication of a potential problem.

Any of the above symptoms are usually the result of failures within the mechatronic unit. The mechatronic unit is the control centre of the gearbox. Most problems can be repaired without removing the gearbox, however, ignoring these warning symptoms can cause either a clutch or gearbox failure.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues with your VW Golf, book your vehicle into the Stephens Engineering workshop. Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists, we can repair or replace the damaged or worn components, preventing an expensive gearbox failure.

Book your VW Golf into Stephens Engineering to stop VW Golf intermittent judder and prevent your gearbox failing.


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