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Automatic Transmission Delayed Gear Shift

Automatic Transmission Delayed Gear Shift

An automatic transmission delayed gear shift can often be a symptom of a potential automatic gearbox failure. Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists based in Ware with over 50 years experience repairing automatic transmissions.

Harsh and delayed gear changes from your automatic gearbox are often symptomatic of an automatic transmission unit and the line pressure problem. Excessive line pressure within the automatic gearbox can produce issues when changing gear. The pressures within the transmission are a balance between required regulation and speed sensor influence.

Stephens Engineering are experienced in automatic gearbox fault finding and automatic gearbox repair. Diagnostic tools enable the Stephens Engineering mechanics to accurately assess which of the many signals and pressures within the automatic transmission are out of range, resulting in poor performance and delayed gear shift. We use a scan tool to read the vehicle transmission live data or a line pressure gauge to help us narrow down the cause of the problem when shifting gear. A gear shift problem can sometimes be an easily rectified small issue that is remedied by removing the sump and valve body. Good, accurate diagnosis is crucial to determine the initial cause and to prevent further problems or damage to the transmission.

Stephens Engineering are automatic transmission specialists, don’t delay seeking help. An automatic transmission delayed gear shift problem could be quickly and efficiently rectified by Stephens Engineering. If you’re experiencing harsh or delayed gear shifts, contact the automatic gearbox experts, Stephens Engineering in Ware.


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