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Manual Gearbox Repair

Manual Gearbox Repair

Stephens Engineering are well known automatic gearbox repair specialists. With over 50 years experience repairing gearboxes, we regularly carry out manual gearbox repair in our specialist gearbox repair workshop.

Our knowledgeable mechanics can easily handle most problems on most vehicles. With specialist and dedicated machine shop we work on all makes and models. From repairs to modern 8 speed automatic gearboxes to classic prestige vehicle gearbox repair. Our gearbox repair knowledge means we handle the unexpected. Stephens Engineering have been sent the gearbox from a fork lift truck to repair. We have also repaired a gearbox for a tractor.

Stephens Engineering recently repaired a classic vehicle, we repaired a Facel Vega in the workshop.

We carry out manual gearbox repair in the Stephens Engineering workshop. For reliable gearbox repairs contact Stephens Engineering. If you have a mechanical problem with your vehicle, give us a call to see how we can repair or resolve your issue.


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