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Renault Gearbox Repair

Renault Gearbox Repair

The automatic transmissions specialists at Stephens Engineering, regularly carry out Renault gearbox repair within our workshop.

A common problem requiring a Renault gearbox repair that we often see with the Renault DPO gearbox, is a reported ‘slip and thump’. The ‘slip and thump’ is the result of the Renault gearbox ‘slipping’ out of gear and making a ‘thumping’ noise as the Renault gearbox re-engages.

In our extensive experience of repairing Renault DPO gearboxes, the cause of this common fault to the Renault gearbox is the result of the torque converter one-way clutch spinning in its housing. The torque converter one-way clutch helps to maintain smooth gear changing and early action can prevent a complete failure of the Renault’s automatic transmission unit.

A common indication that the torque converter one-way clutch is beginning to fail is a clicking sound from the transmission unit and if left without remedial action, this will progress further, with the gearbox slipping out of gear and then resulting in a complete failure of the gearbox with a total loss of gears.

At Stephens Engineering, we have a dedicated specialist machine shop and we carry out a Renault gearbox repair to the torque converter one-way clutch by pinning the torque converter one-way clutch with three silver steel rods which are robust and sturdy to withstand the pressures of the unit and will probably out last the car. In addition, we would recommend the automatic transmission is overhauled at this stage.

When your Renault gearbox needs specialist attention, bring your Renault to Stephens Engineering, we provide knowledgeable and thorough service to keep your Renault transmission running smoothly.

Contact the Renault automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering.

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