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Land Rover Discovery Gearbox Repair

Land Rover Discovery Gearbox Fault Repaired: a 2009 Land Rover Discovery gearbox repair was carried out in the Stephens Engineering workshop recently. The Land Rover Discovery was brought into the workshop with a complaint of a vibration throughout all the Land Rover Discovery gear changes when on a light throttle.  The Discovery had no fault codes recorded.

The 2009 Land Rover Discovery automatic gearbox is the Z.F 6hp26 automatic transmission. At fairly high mileage, the torque converter can slip and judder which produces a vibration during gear changes.

The Land Rover Discovery gearbox repair required the removal of the gearbox. The gearbox was removed and dismantled in the Stephens Engineering workshop and excessive wear was shown to have occurred to the main bushings and the drums were also scored. The Land Rover Discovery automatic transmission was overhauled which included the Discovery’s clutches and solenoids.

To clean the torque converter, it was cut open and the torque converter was placed in the ultrasonic cleaner.  Thorough examination of the automatic transmission unit showed that the lock up clutch plates were worn, as  were the sealing rings. The clutch plates and sealing rings were replaced, the torque converter was re-welded and then balanced and checked for leaks.

The lock up operation of the torque converter of the Z.F 6hp26 automatic transmission is critical and its pre-load is set on a special rig within the specialist machine workshop at Stephens Engineering. A modified sump assembly was also fitted prior to the Land Rover Discovery’s automatic transmission being refitted as the original sump assembly could not be removed for a filter change once it had been fitted back into the Discovery’s  chassis.

Running computer adaptions were carried out and the Land Rover Discovery gearbox repair was checked and the vehicle was taken on a long run. A final check for leaks was undertaken, the Land Rover Discovery gearbox repair had been successfully completed and ready for the customer.

Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox specialists and are experienced in carrying out Land Rover Discovery gearbox repairs from their specialist workshop in Ware. If you have a Land Rover Discovery gearbox problem, contact the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering.

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