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Renault DPO Gearbox Fault

Renault DPO Gearbox Fault

A common Renault DPO gearbox fault seen in the Stephens Engineering workshop is a problem with the pressure control sensors within the DPO automatic transmission unit. Most Renault automatic gearbox faults brought into the workshop are a result of a pressure control problem within the Renault transmission unit caused by either the solenoids or the valve body.

Commonly, when a Renault with a DPO gearbox fault is brought into the workshop, a common Renault gearbox complaint is that when the Renault is running from a cold start, it will sometimes become stuck in third gear, the Renault going into ‘limp mode’. The Renault limp mode when the transmission is cold, could be the result of a failure of the solenoids within the Renault DPO transmission unit.

At Stephens Engineers, with our years of automatic transmission repairs, we are able to carry out a full and detailed diagnostic to the Renault gearbox to locate the Renault DPO gearbox fault. Once we have carried out a diagnostic check and located the problem within the Renault automatic transmission, to rectify the gearbox fault, the Renault’s transmission sump is removed and we also remove the valve body and replace the worn or damaged components.

A repair to a Renault automatic transmission unit which has being going into limp mode and sticking in third gear,  can usually can be completed in our specialist workshop  one day. To ensure your Renault is running smoothly, before we release your vehicle, we carry out a final road test. We carry out the final road test on a cold transmission and check the control unit again for fault codes.

Is your Renault going into ‘limp mode’ and getting stuck in third gear? Bring your Renault to the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering, we have years of experience repairing Renault gearboxes. Contact the automatic transmission specialists in Ware and book your Renault in for our specialist attention.


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