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Gearbox Repair – A Week In The Workshop

Gearbox Repair – A week in the workshop

Gearboxes Repairs in Ware

The Stephens Engineering workshop has been extremely busy over the past month repairing automatic gearboxes and here’s just a snapshot of a week in the Stephens Engineering workshop where we carry out our gearbox repair to a range of different vehicles.

This week we have repaired the automatic transmission on many cars and one of the first was a 2009 Audi A5. The Audi A5 has an eight speed, front wheel drive automatic transmission was brought into us because of the gearbox warning light showing during motorway driving and harsh gear changes. After a diagnostic scan, the Audi A5 automatic transmission was removed and dismantled and after re-fitting the automatic transmission, the Audi A5 is now running well.

We’ve repaired a Bentley four wheel drive transmission with the six speed Z F unit.  The Bentley was brought into the workshop with a complaint of  a bad whine and vibration whilst the Bentley was under acceleration. Our customer was convinced the issue was with the Bentley’s gearbox, however, we were not convinced and after several checks, we decided to change all the Bentley’s gearbox and engine mountings before we condemned the Bentley’s automatic transmission. A road test confirmed our expert opinion was correct.

We’re repaired the automatic transmission of a 2009 Mercedes B Class.   One of the most common automatic transmission failures for both the Mercedes B Class and Mercedes A Class fitted with the C V T type transmission are electrical.  The control unit for this gearbox is in the sump, making it subject to extreme temperature change and small particles of metal can result in the control unit getting confused.  We rectified the fault by replacing the Mercedes B Class transmission control unit.This then needs to be programmed and reset.  Transmission fluid and filter are also changed.

The next gearbox repair to be carried out was a 2006 Nissan Note. The Nissan Note has a gearbox problem and was experiencing fourth gear slip. As the Nissan Note had covered more than 100,000 miles, most of the Nissan Note automatic transmission components were showing signs of extensive wear. To carry out a gearbox repair to this Nissan Note, we undertook a complete overhaul of the Nissan Note’s automatic transmission and after long road test and leak check, the vehicle was running well.

When you bring your vehicle to Stephens Engineering, you can be sure that your gearbox repair is being carried out by an experienced team of automatic transmission experts.

Contact us to book in your vehicle with the automatic transmission experts in Ware.


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