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BMW XDrive Judder Repair

BMW xDrive Judder Repair

The Stephens Engineering workshop have been receiving a lot of enquiries for BMW xDrive judder repair. At Stephens Engineering, we’ve been repairing automatic transmissions and manual gearboxes for over 50 years.

A number of BMW xDrives have been brought into the workshop complaining of juddering. The BMW xDrives seen in the workshop all reported a juddering when driving. The judder experienced by the BMW xDrive owners originates from the BMW’s transfer box. Within the BMW xDrive transfer box unit is a clutch assembly. Over time, the internal gears within the clutch assembly wear and distort. At Stephens Engineering, we are automatic gearbox specialists, able to carry out a repair to the BMW xDrive transfer box instead of a costly transfer box replacement. The judder experienced when driving the BMW xDrive can be caused by a stripped gear or worn component with the transfer box unit.

When the gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering repair a BMW xDrive transfer box, the worn and damaged parts are replaced. The clearances are reset. After the addition of top quality oil, the vehicle is ready for a long road test to check the BMW xDrive judder repair has been success.

If your BMW xDrive is suffering from juddering, book your BMW xDrive into the Stephens Engineering workshop. We repair xDrive transfer boxes for judder free driving.


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