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Mechatronic Transmission Repair

Mechatronic Transmission Repair

Stephens Engineering in Ware are automatic gearbox repair specialists with over 50 years experience of automatic gearbox repairs from classic vehicles to modern vehicles with mechatronic units and transmission control modules. In the Stephens Engineering workshop, we regularly undertake mechatronic transmission repair for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

The term “mechatronics” relates to the mechanical system controlled by computerised components.  The electronic part in a dual clutch gearbox receives information from a series of sensors enabling the controller to pick the optimal gear.  The new automatic dual clutch and direct shift gearboxes now have the mechatronic unit within the transmission unit rather than under the bonnet or dashboard. While this set up saves on wiring and connectors, the mechatronic unit now has to contend with a vast range of heat variations and fluid contamination within the transmission unit. Most vehicle manufacturers have their own versions of the dual and direct clutch gearboxes which provide a small saving in terms of fuel consumption. The mechanical hardware is a hydraulic system comprising a high-pressure pump, oil control valves and piston-type actuators. With electronics controlling the function of these components and hydraulics providing the necessary force to work the clutches and shift gears, the system is able to function with precision and speed. When there is a problem with mechatronic unit, the cause can be difficult to trace without dismantling the transmission unit. Rather than replacing the entire mechatronic unit, separate components are now becoming available to replace worn or damaged parts and to service the mechatronic units.

Having driven most of the  dual clutch and DSG vehicles now in service, I must admit to not being a great fan. On the small to medium sized cars, the gear selection, especially on hill climbs and descents, in my opinion they hold onto the lower gears too long.  In these situations, it is not usual to exceed 3000 rpm. Again in my opinion, the vehicle softwear is not sophisticated enough to fine tune this driving range. As more vehicle models use and incorporate this type of automatic gearbox, design and performance will no doubt increase.

For mechatronic transmission repair contact the Ware automatic gearbox  repair specialists at Stephens Engineering.



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