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Audi A3 Gearbox Repairs

Audi A3 Gearbox Repairs

Ware automatic gearbox repair specialists, Stephens Engineering, regularly carry out Audi A3 gearbox repairs. With over 50 years of automatic gearbox servicing and automatic gearbox repairs, the team in the Stephens Engineering have seen most problems and faults that occur within an automatic gearbox.

A commonly reported issue in the Stephens Engineering workshop which can be intermittent in nature is a jolting or jerking when the A3 pulls away from a standstill position. There are a number of underlying issues that can cause a jolting or jerking as the A3 moves from a stationary position. The A3 may also go into limp mode and no longer change gears. Amongst other issues, this can be the result of a problem within the transmission that can be resolved with a gear adaptation. In addition to a gear adaptation, the A3 transmission should checked for leaks, the transmission fluid drained. Before the transmission fluid is replaced, the oil filter needs to be replaced. Regular transmission fluid changes are recommended to maintain the performance of your A3.

If your Audi A3 is having problems changing gear, Stephens Engineering can carry out a gear adaption for the Audi A3 and undertake a thorough service including transmission fluid checks. For trusted Audi A3 gearbox repairs, contact automatic transmission repair specialists. Contact Stephens Engineering for knowledgeable aftermarket Audi transmission repairs.


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