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Mercedes Torque Converter Repair

Mercedes Torque Converter Repair

The Stephens Engineering workshop in Ware repairs automatic gearboxes for all vehicle makes and models. We recently carried out a Mercedes torque converter repair in the workshop.

This G Wagon torque converter repair was one of three Mercedes G Class automatic gearbox repairs carried out in the workshop that week. The Mercedes G Class had been repaired previously by another repairer. The previous repair to the Mercedes automatic gearbox had not replaced the torque converter for the G Class. The Mercedes G Wagon was then brought into the automatic gearbox specialists workshop at Stephens Engineering. The Mercedes G Class Wagon had a problem with water contamination to the internal balanced torque converter. The Mercedes automatic gearbox was thoroughly overhauled in the Stephens workshop. The gearbox and torque converter were refitted to the Mercedes G Class after both the automatic gearbox and cooler system had been flushed through.

With over 50 years experience repairing automatic transmissions, Stephens Engineering have worked on and repaired most automatic gearboxes. For a Mercedes torque converter repair book your Mercedes into the Stephens Engineering workshop, for thorough and knowledgeable service from the automatic gearbox specialists.







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