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Astra J Gearbox Repair

Astra J Gearbox Repair

Automatic transmission specialists, Stephens Engineering are experienced in Astra J gearbox repair.

One of the first signs of a problems with the six speed Astra J gearbox is an intermittent loss of reverse. This intermittent loss of reverse in the Astra J is a symptom of a problem with the six speed transmission. The Astra J six speed transmission is very susceptible to solenoid blockage. Solenoid blockages within the Astra J gearbox are caused by a failure of the aluminium drum. The solenoids can be cleaned on some vehicles this is however a short term solution as further aluminium dust within the transmission will cause further blockages.

In our experience, the Astra J 6 speed transmission can fail at 25,000 miles. Modified parts can be fitted to strengthen the Astra J transmission, this does however require a major overhaul of the Astra transmission.

For an Astra J gearbox repair, contact the automatic gearbox specialists at Stephens Engineering. With over 50 years experience repairing and overhauling automatic transmissions, we can diagnose Astra automatic gearbox faults quickly and repair them in our specialist workshop.


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