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Volvo Powershift Gearbox Repair

Volvo Powershift Gearbox Repair

Volvo fault codes can be an indicator that a Volvo powershift gearbox repair is needed. Stephens Engineering are automatic gearbox repair specialists.

A common fault code for Volvo vehicles with the powershift gearbox is the limited performance code. A limited performance fault code for the Volvo powershift gearbox often appears after the vehicle has run at higher speeds. The limited performance code in the Volvo powershift gearbox is usually the result of a lack of transmission oil circulation within the transmission unit. The Volvo powershift gearbox has two fluid filters. One fluid filter in the powershift system can be changed from the outside. To prevent debris building up and clogging the internal fluid, the external fluid filter should always be changed at 38,000 miles. In addition to changing the fluid filter, the fluid should also be changed. When debris clogs the powershift internal filter, this causes the dual clutch system to slip and overheat. When the Volvo powershift gearbox starts to slip and overheat, unfortunately, a transmission rebuild is need to repair the gearbox.

If you have a performance fault code or have noticed a slip in your Volvo clutch,contact Stephens Engineering for Volvo Powershift gearbox repair. Timely action changing fluid filters and fluid can prevent a cost transmission rebuild for your Volvo.


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