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Honda Jazz Gearbox Repair

Honda Jazz Gearbox Repair

The Honda Jazz uses a C.V.T. (constantly variable transmission) automatic transmission system. A Honda Jazz gearbox repair was carried out by Stephens engineering recently, we’re automatic transmission specialists and have many years of experience fault finding and repairing automatic gearboxes.

The Honda Jazz gearbox repair was carried out following a through inspection of the vehicle. The Honda Jazz gearbox fault complained of by the owner was of a judder when pulling away and a harsh engagement on the first ratio gear change.

The Honda Jazz CVT automatic transmission is a robust gearbox and usually gives vehicle owners little in the way of gearbox problems or issues. The Honda Jazz gearbox was dismantled in the Stephens Engineering workshop and both the starter clutch and the bearings were found to be worn. With a Honda CVT automatic transmission, it is vital that the transmission fluid within the Honda gearbox is changed regularly  and with the correct Honda transmission fluid. We recommend changing the transmission fluid with the Honda Jazz gearbox at least every 40,000 miles.

The transmission fluid in the Honda Jazz gearbox was changed and the transmission unit was reassembled. The Honda jazz gearbox repair was completed when the reassembled gearbox was refitted. The Honda Jazz was subjectd to a long road test which confirmed that the gearbox repair had been successful and the Honda Jazz gearbox performance was back to the responsive shifting unit as it was from new.

With over 40 years experience in automatic transmission repair, if your Honda Jazz has a judder when pulling away and gear changes feel harsh, bring your vehicle to the automatic transmission experts in Ware for a Honda Jazz gearbox repair and a return to smooth gearbox performance. Contact us to book in your Honda Jazz for a gearbox repair at Stephens Engineering.

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