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Hyundai Accent Gearbox Repair

Hyundai Accent Gearbox Repair

A Hyundai Accent gearbox repair was carried out recently in the Stephens Engineering workshop.

The 2008 Hyundai Accent was brought in with the complaint that a warning light came after the Hyundai Accent had been driven for a few miles. The Hyundai Accent fault codes were checked in the workshop and the Hyundai Accent fault code stated that the problem was in the torque converter circuit.

This Hyundai Accent had recently been in to a main dealership for a fluid leak from the transmission and the converter and the pump seal it runs on were replaced .  The warning code only came on shortly after the repair carried out at the dealership.  The opinion of the dealership was that this 2008 Hyundai Accent needed a new transmission unit.

The Hyundai Accent was brought into our workshop for a second opinion and on the Hyundai owner’s instructions, we removed the Hyundai gearbox and then fully dismantled the Hyundai automatic gearbox for a full and detailed inspection of the transmission unit.  With a mileage of less than 40,000 miles, we were surprised this was necessary.

On inspection of the automatic transmission, we discovered there was not a great deal wrong with the main workings of the Hyundai Accent gearbox, however, inside the oil pump, the bush supporting the torque converter was missing and we could only assume that this was fused onto the old converter which had been replaced by the dealership.

The Hyundai Accent gearbox repair was carried out in the workshop and the oil pump assembly was replaced. In addition, we also replaced the Hyundai friction plates as they had suffered from lack of lubrication.  The Hyundai Accent transmission was then re-fitted in the Stephens Engineering workshop and the Hyundai Accent was subject to a long road test which confirmed that the fault had been rectified by the automatic transmission specialists at Stephens Engineering and the vehicle was running well without the need for a new gearbox.

At Stephens Engineering, we have over 40 years experience of repairing automatic transmissions. If you’ve been told that your vehicle needs a new transmission, you need Stephens Engineering, we could repair rather than replace your transmission. At Stephens Engineering, we bring over 40 years of experience to your automatic transmission problems.

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