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Ford Galaxy Powershift

Ford Galaxy Powershift

Ford Galaxy Powershift

A 2001 Ford Galaxy powershift was bought into the Stephens Engineering workshop. The Ford Galaxy powershift has a six speed dual clutch front wheel drive transmission which combines the positives of both manual and automatic transmissions. The Ford Galaxy are extremely popular and we see a number of vehicles used for taxiing and these vehicles usually come into the Stephens Engineering workshop with high usage and mileage.

The fault report for this vehicle was that it had lost all drive and had the fault code for restricted performance.  In the workshop, the Ford Galaxy’s gearbox was removed and dismantled. On examination, we noted that the clutch assembly was worn and that particles had contaminated the transmission unit.  All components of the automatic transmission were thoroughly cleaned and inspected, the filters were changed and the cooler lines were hot flushed to ensure they were free of contamination.  The transmission was refitted to the vehicle, complete with a new dual clutch assembly.

At Stephens Engineering, we carry out a  long road test to text and check that the vehicle runs well and without any issues. The long road test was carried out and the vehicle rechecked for leaks and was noted to be running well.

High mileage, especially for vehicles like the Ford Galaxy, doesn’t have to be a problem. At Stephens Engineering we are experts in automatic transmission fault finding and automatic transmission repair. If you have a problem with your gearbox, come and see the Stephens Engineering experts and let us get you back motoring.

Contact us today for automatic transmission repairs.

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